The best eco-friendly retreats in Asia

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The best eco-friendly retreats in Asia
For a long time, travellers would forego eco-friendly accommodation as they feared they would have to give up luxuries to do so. However, with the rise of high-end eco retreats and resorts, an increasing preference for locally grown food and a boost in sustainability efforts, more than 65 percent of travellers now opt for an eco-friendly stay. Here, take a look at the six luxurious and eco-friendly retreats in Asia and why they are worth visiting on your travels.

  • Cempedak Private Island, Indonesia

    Cempedak Private Island, IndonesiaCempedak Private Island, Indonesia

    Sustainability is at the forefront of Cempedak Island, and not merely an afterthought. Nestled in an idyllic tropical paradise, the villas are constructed from locally sourced sustainable materials such as bamboo, petrified wood and local alang alang grass to maintain in the natural and unspoiled beauty of the island. What’s more, rainwater is Each villa also comes equipped with its own plunge pool. Local staff is also trained and employed by the resort, which hosts a range of activities such as wildlife treks (critically endangered Sunda Pangolins and Oriental Pied Hornbills have been spotted on the island), as well snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Cempedak bay. You can also visit their sister resort – The Nikoi here.

  • Soneva Fushi, Maldives

    Soneva Fushi, MaldivesSoneva Fushi, Maldives

    Experience barefoot luxury at Soneva Fushi, an award-winning resort hidden among the lush foliage within the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. While you’re there, relax catch a film under the stars at their open-air Cinema Paradiso or count Saturn’s rings in their high-tech Observatory. Water activities include snorkeling with manta rays, stand-up paddling, and even freediving for the adventurous. Soneva is working towards becoming carbon-negative and has implemented robust sustainability measures. In particular, they have banned imported mineral water and bottle their own still and sparkling drinking water in reusable glass bottles.

  • Misool, Indonesia

    Misool, IndonesiaMisool, Indonesia

    Operated by a passionate group of conservationists and divers, Misool is both a conservation center and private island resort. Relax in your villa just above the pristine crystal clear waters at this secluded tropical retreat, or dive with green turtles and manta rays at this world-class dive site. Through their partnership with the Misool Foundation, the resort hopes to safeguard the biodiversity of the reefs, while empowering local communities. To that end, the foundation also set up the Misool Marine Reserve, an area nearly twice the size of Singapore, which an active shark-finning zone. What’s more, the resort is built entirely out of reclaimed tropical hardwoods from the island.

  • Banyan Tree Ringha, China

    Banyan Tree Ringha, ChinaBanyan Tree Ringha, China

    Surrounded by serene lakes and snow-capped peaks, the Banyan Tree Ringha seems worlds away from Shanghai’s skyscrapers and the bustle of Beijing. Located in a village over 10,000 feet above sea level in remote Yunnan province, the resort is composed of authentic Tibetan farmhouses. You can expect warm Tibetan hospitality, enjoy dinner with local families in a cozy ger, as well as bike rides through the countryside. Banyan Tree Ringha supports local infrastructure such as schools, clinics and organizes clean-ups, as well as helps in reforestation efforts. The hotel is also a member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, a list of properties that share the organization’s commitment to sustainable practices, as well as protecting natural and cultural heritage.

  • Tri, Sri Lanka

    Tri, Sri LankaTri, Sri Lanka

    Tri is Sri Lanka’s first sustainable luxury design hotel situated around an island headland flanking Koggala Lake. Ideal for a relaxing stay, Tri offers a sanctuary built in harmony with nature. The hotel is powered by solar panels and is almost entirely built with sustainable materials such as recycled wood and local granite. At Tri, you can enjoy Sri Lankan fusion cuisine that features organic produce from their edible gardens, sign up for a yoga session or indulge in a cleansing Ayurvedic treatment at their spa. The hotel has also established a mangrove planting and shoreline protection program to tackle lakeshore erosion.

  • 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

    4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

    Experience luxury ‘glamping’ in safari tents built on a floating pontoon on the tranquil waters of the Taitai river at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia. Take a dip at the Taitai Waterfall or trek through one Asia’s largest mangrove forests in the Cardamom Mountains, where you will encounter indigenous clouded leopards or even the rare Malaysian sun bear. The region has been recognized as one of the 35 international biodiversity hotspots. As firm believers in sustainable tourism, the resort is built from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, while furniture is built from local hyacinth plants. The resort also has an effective water and waste.

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