The most beautiful destinations in Armenia

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The most beautiful destinations in Armenia
With a spread of scattered ancient monasteries, medieval monuments, quaint historic villages, and breath-taking landscapes, Armenia presents a rather enticing concoction to its travelers.

Come to Armenia to find yourself enamoured by rich cultures, and histories as ancient as tragic. Here is a list of the top Armenia tourist attractions that will give you a rousing glimpse into the stories of this mysterious land.
  • Tatev Monastery

    Tatev MonasteryTatev Monastery

    Located on an 850-meter-high (2,790 ft.) cliff above springs and incredible nature, the 9th-century monastery of Tatev is a must-visit not only for its religious and historical importance but also for its breathtaking natural landscapes all around.

    To reach it, travelers can hop on board the cableway between Halidzor and the monastery and enjoy the stunning views from above. In medieval Armenia, this was the location of the country’s most important scholastic and spiritual center. Today, this old and famous complex is certainly one of Armenia’s most impressive sites of interest.

  • Mount Aragats

    Mount AragatsMount Aragats

    Aragats is a mesmerizing mountainous area rich in diverse natural landscapes and culture. Visit the beautiful ancient fortress and monastery on the way up to the peak surrounded by alpine meadows and fragrant flowers.

    In the summer, you will also come across the Yazidi who live in tents and raise sheep on its slopes, making dairy products that they then sell in the valley. However, located 3,190 meters (10,433 ft.) above sea level on the slopes of Mount Aragats is the fascinating landscape of Lake Kar. Even on hot sunny days, visitors can play in the snow.

  • Lake Sevan

    Lake SevanLake Sevan

    Lake Sevan, found in the heart of Armenia, is the country’s largest lake and a beautiful place to visit during a break in the country. The lake is surrounded by some stunning monasteries, the most impressive of them being arguably the Sevanavank Monastery, providing a glorious scenic backdrop to a relaxing trip. Windsurfing is among the recreation activities available at the lake, which also has a wide choice of excellent seafood restaurants along its shore.

    Lake Sevan has a number of popular beaches and, as the country has no coastline, this is the best place in Armenia to sunbathe, with Sevan Bay and its surrounding mountains providing spectacular scenery.

  • Republic Square

    Republic SquareRepublic Square

    Occupying the heart of Yerevan, Armenia’s ancient capital city, the Republic Square is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. Also referred to as “Yerevan Square”, the square sports a timeless façade with its oval roundabout and a section that features a pool and musical fountains. Around the square, one can find charming buildings built in neoclassical style, including famous landmarks like the National Art Gallery, the Central Post Office, the Government House, and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

  • Cafesjian Center for the Arts

    Cafesjian Center for the ArtsCafesjian Center for the Arts

    Housed in a vast flight of stone steps known as the Cascade, this arts centre is one of the city's major cultural attractions. Originally conceived in the 1920s by Soviet architect Alexander Tamanyan as part of his plan to modernise Yerevan, work on the monumental structure finally commenced in the 1980s but stalled after the 1988 earthquake. Eventually, Armenian-American philanthropist Gerard Cafesjian came to the rescue, funding its completion and transformation into a multi-level contemporary arts space.

  • Village of Garni

    Village of GarniVillage of Garni

    Replete with rich history and ancient secrets, visiting the historic village of Garni is something that no sane visitor would miss out on! The village is packed with an incredible collection of historical and architectural monuments dating back to the Hellinistic and early Christian era, the most famous one being the iconic Garni Temple. An iconic masterpiece of Hellinistic architecture, the Garni Temple is the pagan temple of the Sun, and perhaps one of the best structural symbols of pre-Christian Armenia.

  • Khor Virap

    Khor VirapKhor Virap

    Located on a small hill in the Ararat Valley, Khor Virap is where Grigor Luisavorich, or Saint Gregory the Illuminator, was imprisoned for a period of 13 years until he cured King Trdat III, who was suffering from an illness. The king’s recovery made him convert to Christianity, and Armenia became the first country in the world to adopt the Christian religion in 301. Today, travelers can explore the underground chamber where the Saint was held, and the beautiful Khor Virap monastery itself. The setting is one of the most impressive, as it is the closest point to the stunning Mount Ararat.

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