Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai, “land of sugarcane”, attracts visitors by many beautiful beaches like My Khe beach, Khe Hai beach or Ly Son beach. Moreover, Thien An mountain and Tra Khuc river are considered as soul of Quang Ngai. Especially, do not miss its specialty - Mach Nha candy when you visit here.
Explore Ly Son island, the Kingdom of Garlic
A volcanic island surrounded by a ring of reefs, Ly Son is a striking, stark, and geologically fascinating destination, off the coast of central Vietnam. The water quality around Ly Son Island is among the best in Vietnam. But this isn’t your typical tropical island: ...

Top 7 foods in Quang Ngai
Quang Ngai may not have that many tourist destinations, but its cuisine is something that travellers should not miss once coming to this province. Follow this article to find out what foods are most loved in Quang Ngai.

Top must-visit destinations in Quang Ngai
Quang Ngai used to be a neglected province when it comes to exploiting tourism potential. However, things have changed as the oil money is coming in. Now everyone is flocking to this province to catch a sight of Quang Ngai.

A rustic beauty of central city, Quang Ngai
Quang Ngai city seems an overgrown village with no obvious attractions, so most visitors only drop by for a spot of grazing at lunchtime. However, each place will have a particularly attractive spot, which you never know if you don’t try to discover it once during your ...

 Have you ever set foot in Kingdom of Garlic, Ly Son island?
Ly Son island is named as Garlic Kingdom of Vietnam, a quite small wild island located in Quang Ngai province, central Vietnam. It is more and more popular to many Vietnamese tourists and foreigners.