A blend of distinct influences from 2 notable cultures - Chinese and Japanese, with two-third of terrain is mountainous, Taiwan is well-known for ecotourism. There is no greater thing than bike trailing and enjoying hot springs in Beitou. Alongside classical night markets, the most unique symbol in Taipei - Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world becomes futuristic marvel.
Explore the most amazing landmarks in Taiwan
When most people think of Taiwanese architecture, one building springs to mind – Taipei 101. As the former tallest building in the world, 101 gets all the attention, but the truth is that Taiwan has so much more to offer in terms of compelling architecture. From ...

Kaohsiung's best places to have the best food experience
Kaohsiung is the trading center of Taiwan, but there’s more to this affluent city than shipping. Kaohsiung has transformed from industrial backwater to thriving metropolis. In Kaohsiung’s restaurants, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese tastes mingle with European and ...

Admire the beauty of Nantou, Taiwan
Nantou at the center of Taiwan island is a land of full of picturesque scenery. The tops of the mountains are shrouded in mist while flocks and herds browse on the mountain feet. Looking from a distance, the lakes and mountains add radiance and beauty to each other.

A quick guide to Shanlinxi Forest, Taiwan
With its many national parks, Taiwan is full of incredible forest recreation areas. For lush green countryside, waterfalls, and plenty of fresh mountain air, Shanlinxi is the perfect year-round wooded retreat within driving distance of the city.

A guide to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has taken a bit of a back seat to both C.K.S. Memorial Hall and Taipei 101 when it comes to tourism in the Taiwanese capital, but nonetheless, it is a spot well worth visiting. Here are some of the most intriguing details about this ...

Top attractions in Tainan, Taiwan
Tainan is a small city located in southern Taiwan and also the oldest city, is the old capital of Taiwan with a rich and long-standing culture, cool climate and excellent cuisine. Read this article to know about Tainan's best attractions for first timers.

What do Taiwanese eat during Mid-Autumn Festival?
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Taiwan’s most popular holidays. Also known as Moon Festival, there are many traditions both old and new associated with the holiday. But no festival in Taiwan would be complete without food, and Moon Festival is no different.

Explore the amazing destinations in Wanhua, Taiwan
Wanhua District, originally called “Monka” or “Bangka”, is Taipei’s oldest district. Although it is certainly a historian’s paradise, Wanhua is also home to one of Taipei’s liveliest shopping districts, Ximen, where the younger generation spend their evenings and ...

Best autumn festivals to celebrate in Taiwan
Autumn is a pretty busy season here in Taiwan, with plenty of events both cultural and religious taking place throughout the island. Here are some of the most notable that you might want to include on your travel itinerary for your autumn trip.

Do not miss these attractions in Taitung, Taiwan
Taitung is one of Taiwan’s most beautiful counties, surrounded by mountains and nature.

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