A blend of distinct influences from 2 notable cultures - Chinese and Japanese, with two-third of terrain is mountainous, Taiwan is well-known for ecotourism. There is no greater thing than bike trailing and enjoying hot springs in Beitou. Alongside classical night markets, the most unique symbol in Taipei - Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world becomes futuristic marvel.
A day to visit Nantou, Taiwan
Nantou County is renowned for its tea plantations, which stretch as far as the eye can see. However, the real pride of the county is the Sun Moon Lake; an ethereally beautiful lake located in the Yuchi Township. The biggest lake in all of Taiwan, its name is derived ...

Explore the beauty of Yilan County, Taiwan
Located in Northeast Taiwan, only 70 kilometers from Taipei City, Yilan is entirely separated from the urban life. This county features a peaceful beauty of nature and the lives of local people.

The must-visit townships in Taiwan
Taiwan is a country that is extremely rich in diversity. With the beautiful scenic landscapes and mountainous regions, it is the holiday paradise with many holiday resorts and hotels that provide ultimate relaxation to its visitors.

What food to buy in a Taiwan supermarket
One of the must-visit stops during a Taiwan trip should be the supermarket. After all, this is where you can get yummy Taiwanese souvenirs, from instant noodles to crispy pork paper.

What to do near Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake‭ ‬is Taiwan’s largest lake‭ ‬and‭,‬‭ ‬with 6‭ ‬million visitors a year‭, ‬also‭ ‬one of Taiwan’s‭ ‬most popular scenic attractions‭. Once in the Sun Moon Lake region, don't forget to visit its nearby destinations too.

Top exciting activities in Hualien, Taiwan
Tourists often overlook Hualien when travelling to Taiwan. But this mountainous region is actually a must-visit place in the country. There are a lot of exciting outdoor activities to do in Hualien that will make you want to stay here for more than a few days.

6 reasons why Taiwan should be your next adventure
Taiwan is an island of unexpected beauty. With verdant valleys, hills, and forests to roam in, it's the ideal destination for those who love to spend their vacation exploring the great outdoors. Here are the 6 reasons you must visit Taiwan on your next trip.

9 creative art parks and museums in Taiwan
Taiwan is synonymous with night markets. Everyone knows about them and many people make a point to visit at least one on every return trip to the island. But did you know that Taiwan is known for its creative parks as well? If you’re looking to have a feast for your ...

Visit Kenting, the southernmost of Taiwan
Kenting, commonly known as Kenting National Park is at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. Located on the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung Count, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, and plenty of different corals.

A quick guide to see cherry blossom in Taiwan
Spring is in the air, which means it's time for Sakura or cherry blossom. In Taiwan, Sakura season lasts from late January to mid-April, which gives you a wide window to make your trip over and snap some shots of these pink blooms, made only more breathtaking by ...

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