Myanmar is a land of traditions and natural wonders, offering a travel experience that cannot be found in anywhere else in the world. Urban explorers will love the bustle of cities like Yangon while those looking for relaxing will be spoilt by pristine beaches located along the western coastline. For adventurers and nature lovers, snow-capped mountains, lush virgin forests and picturesque rivers still await.
24 hours exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar
Inle Lake is a must-see destination for those traveling through the country of Myanmar. The beautiful body of water provides visitors with many things to see and do, making it difficult to narrow down itineraries for those who can only spend 24 hours here. Fret not, as ...

A day trip to Bago, Myanmar
Bago is one of the richest archaeological sites in Myanmar. Apparently Mons were the first to settle at this site. Nowadays comprehensively overshadowed by Yangon, Bago is little more than a provincial market town on the highway north, though it does retain a hoard of ...

Spend your New Year's Eve in Myanmar
Holiday festivities are becoming more and more popular in Myanmar as international influence continues to make its way into Burmese culture. Spending New Year’s Eve in Myanmar will give travelers something much more adventurous to do than watch a ball drop.

What to do in Kawthaung, Myanmar
Located in Tanintharyi Region, Kawthaung is one of the most important towns in southern Myanmar. Kawthaung is quickly developing from a fishing port and border trade hub to a more established tourism destination. It is the main gateway for tours to spectacular 800 ...

Best locations to watch the sunset in Myanmar
Myanmar is a country with a wealth of natural resources, shimmery pagodas, extraordinary beauty and some of the world’s richest sunsets. Here are the top spots to watch the sun go down in Myanmar.

Admire the amazing pagodas in Yangon
Refered to the Land of the Pagodas, Myanmar has more religious structures than tourists actually visiting them.

Tips on how to get around Myanmar
Transportation in Myanmar is not as cheap or even as efficient as other southeast-Asian countries. Here’s the low-down on how to get from A to B when visiting this Southeast Asian nation.

Visit Inle Lake, one of the hottest destinations in Myanmar
A visit to Inle Lake in Myanmar is going to take you back in time. Huge villages on the lake made of wood and/or bamboo. The locals live their daily lives by working in their floating gardens, fishing, creating handicraft and showing tourists how they live and what ...

Where to have the best street foods in Yangon, Myanmar
Street food in Yangon is arguably some of the best in all of Southeast Asia. Most visitors have found that street food vendors in Yangon are serving up dishes that visitors will not soon forget. Here is an insider’s guide to the best street food in Yangon.

Beautiful beaches in Myanmar you should know
Myanmar is yet to become as popular a beach destination as Bali in Southeast Asia, and it owes this stardom to its stunning beaches! There are some unbelievably beautiful Myanmar beaches, many of which stay hidden even today. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches ...

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