Japan - a fascinating land of contrasts, an engaging combination of futuristic cities and stunning natural landscapes. It amazes at kimono-clad geishas singing karaoke in Kyoto to Buddhist monks whizzing around Tokyo on motorbikes. Japan has a reputation for its distinctive cultures and unique traditions that usually bemuse but never be tedious.
Discover Naoshima, Japan's surreal island of art
Naoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea that is known for its modern art museums, architecture and sculptures. Part of Kagawa Prefecture, the island with its Mediterranean atmosphere, sandy beaches and sunny weather, combined with a laid back, rural feel is a ...

The most breathtaking regions in Hokkaido, Japan
Located at the northernmost tip of Japan, the scenic coastline, snow-capped mountains, and unspoiled nature attract millions of international travelers every year. Have a look at some of Hokkaido’s most awe-inspiring views.

Come to Kyoto and visit its UNESCO sites
Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan. Today it is known for its historic and cultural value with thousands of temples, shrines and priceless national treasures. Here’s our list of the must-see UNESCO sites in Kyoto.

Natural onsens you should visit in Tokyo, Japan
Japan is rich in natural hot springs and mineral resources, which have played an important role in the traditions and culture of its people. Thanks to some modern advances in technology, Tokyoites no longer have to travel far to find an onsen to suit their needs. These ...

Visit 6 best food markets in Tokyo, Japan
In Tokyo, the food market scene is incredibly eclectic and sometimes hard to track down. But if you know where to go (and when), you’re in for a treat.

Konbini snacks that you should buy in Japan
Japanese konbinis are essentially the Disneyland of convenience stores. In the snack department, konbinis arguably do it better than anywhere else and they all have these snacks you should try.

A day to get around in Kyobashi, Osaka
As one of Osaka’s major corporate areas, Kyobashi may be the haunt of the city’s white-collar workers, but it is also situated near several main tourist attractions, including Osaka Castle. The area has a raffish charm to it that you just might fall in love with. Here ...

8 most popular amusement parks in Japan
From the family-friendly to the ultra weird, there are dozens of amusements parks in Japan that are worth working into your itinerary. The following represent the best, guaranteed to thrill history buffs and roller coaster enthusiasts alike.

Reasons why you should visit Japan this November
The great time to enjoy the fall foliage and many festivals in Japan is in November. The weather does gradually become chilly, especially in the mornings and evenings, but a hot spring excursion is a simple remedy for any cold spells you may encounter.

6 things to do when you are in Yokohama's Chinatown
Yokohama’s Chinatown is the biggest in Asia and arguably one of the biggest in the world. Only a little over 30 minutes from Shibuya by train and less than 10 minutes from central Yokohama, this Chinatown is worth a visit. Here’s a guide on some of the things you can’t ...

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