China is an absolutely true land of mesmerizing contradiction, from luxurious Shanghai with a distinct landmark Oriental Pearl tower to the best of Beijing - the Forbidden city, the old Silk Road in China’s north-west and beyond the Great Wall along the border with Mongolia. Chinese cuisine varies greatly from region to region and every town has its speciality as well.
7 most scenic destinations in Beijing, China
Beijing is famous for its historical and cultural attractions over the world. However, historical sites are not the entire Beijing. The natural landscape of Beijing is worth exploring, too. The following is a list of top 7 most scenic destinations in Beijing.

Top Sichuan street food to try in Chengdu, China
Chengdu is not only home to giant pandas, ancient cultures and unique tea houses, but also to mouth-numbingly spicy Sichuanese dishes.

A day to visit Beijing, China
In Beijing, the capital city of China, you can visit amazing palaces, beautiful royal gardens, and solemn temples. Pack in a visit to The Great Wall, then experience the city’s vibrant contrast of old and new at its lush green spaces, ornate palaces, century-old ...

Worth-visiting temples in Sichuan, China
Sichuan is one of the most beautiful provinces in China, and also has deep historical roots in both Buddhism and Taoism. Here are the province’s most gorgeous and venerated places of worship.

Visit attractions in Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen, a modern and beautiful metropolis located in southern China just across the border from Hong Kong, is the world’s largest manufacturing center and China’s richest and most booming Special Economic Zone.

What to do in Salitun, Beijing
Sanlitun is a hub of food, drink and shopping. This neighborhood might not be the most famous one, but there’s plenty of fun to be found in Beijing’s booming hotspot.

Reasons why Shanghai is a great place to visit
Shanghai, a pearl of China has a long history and a gateway to China on the Yangtze River Delta. It is the largest economic and main trade center in China and also one of China's cultural centers.

The best contemporary art museums you should visit in Shanghai
Shanghai is flourishing with contemporary art galleries and museums, a major part of its evolving culture and urban environment. Here are our favourite places in Shanghai that entertain, illuminate and provoke through the power of art.

Tips to visit Tiananmen safely
Tiananmen Square in Beijing is unarguably the stone heart of China. However, to visit Tiananmen without getting into troubles, you may need to follow some of these guidelines below.

5 best art galleries you should visit in Beijing
Coming to China as an art lover is a wholly different experience, as delving straight into the Chinese art world will help in further understanding China as a country, as well as its culture.

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