Nepal is sheltered by the majestic Himalayas and populated by some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Mountains, jungles, medieval cities, spiritual sites, nirvana travel and the friendliest people of the earth, all these simple things make people love Nepal so much.
Visit Nepal, where culture and nature meet
Known as a home of the Himalayan mountain range and the birthplace of the Buddha, Nepal is a top destination for many people. Situated along with the Himalayan mountain range between China and India, Nepal is truly a diverse landscape with a unique culture and amazing ...

Drop by the best galleries in Nepal
While Nepal is full of artists who create traditional and religious-themed art, there is also no shortage of more contemporary art spaces, especially in Kathmandu. Here are the list of the best art galleries to get to know the art scene in Nepal.

Visit the best markets in Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu is a true heaven for shoppers, especially for the ones who are ready to explore street markets.

Discover the best traditional dishes in Nepal
Nepal is a wonderful country enrich with multi-indigenous people who have their own culture, tradition, language and food pattern. The diverse in the country leads to the diversity of food too. Nepalese cuisine combines a range of ingredients, techniques and ...

Things to do in Petra, Jordan
When admiring Petra, the words of Dean Burgon’s famous poem comes to mind “Match me such marvel save in Eastern clime, a rose-red city half as old as time.”

7 unique souvenirs you can purchase when travelling in Nepal
When visiting Nepal, a country wedged between the mighty Himalayas, brimming with ever-smiling dwellers and timeless culture and tradition, there is little doubt that you will return home empty-handed. Here in Nepal, you’ll find all sorts of unique souvenirs to take ...

Top 6 holy places to visit in Nepal
As a Hindu-majority country with a visible Buddhist minority, there are numerous holy temples, mountains and other spots worth visiting in Nepal. Here are some that you should check out while in Nepal.

Helpful tips to take note before visiting Nepal
Take a look at Nepal travel tips for traveling safe to the country and have an amazing experience ever. Here, you’ll come across all the relevant information about Nepal.

10 best places to visit in Nepal
Whether scaling the slopes of Mt. Everest or paying homage at the birthplace of the Buddha, a trip to Nepal is a top destination for many travelers.

Top must-visit vintage hotels in Nepal
Nepal is a country of traditions and heritage architectures. Therefore, it is not difficult to spot the old-fashion styled hotels in this wonderful country.

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