"King of the island" - composed of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a fabulous travel destination and the busiest one in Southeast Asia. It’s the quintessential tropical paradise and the world's largest archipelago. Indonesia has plenty of famous islands, particularly Bali island attracts thousands of visitors to Indonesia each year. Official name: Republic of Indonesia
The best contemporary art galleries in Bali, Indonesia
Bali is an inspiring place where local and international artists pour their hearts out and create. Many modern artists are displayed in well-run museums and galleries throughout the island. Here, discover the must-visit contemporary art galleries in Bali.

The best street markets in Bandung, Indonesia
Wrapped in thick layers of majestic mountains and chilly highlands, Bandung is a quaint city of Indonesia. From mythical misty volcanoes, pleasant climate, to acres of luscious tea plantations, Bandung is booming metropolis with unconventional adventures.

What to do in Makassar, Indonesia
Makassar, Indonesia, a historically significant trading port on the southwest coast of the island of Sulawesi, has a wealth of attractions. One of the country's largest cities, tropical Makassar deserves a spot on your Indonesian itinerary.

Travel to the most beautiful cities in Indonesia in 7 days
As an archipelago country, Indonesia has also some charming cities for tourists. Its beautiful nature, cool atmosphere, delicious culinary delights and various tourist attractions offered are some of the reasons why many cities in Indonesia become the most beautiful ...

Ideal places to go camping in Bali, Indonesia
The list of luxurious hotels and resorts in Bali is endless. But to truly experience the island’s magic, why not set up camp and sleep under the brilliant starry night sky? From stunning beaches to gorgeous mountains, below are the best places to camp in Bali.

Beautiful places in Indonesia you should not miss
Gathering hundreds of cultures and ethnic groups into one, Indonesia is blessed with countless awe-inspiring attractions, from natural beauty to flourishing wildlife, ancient traditions to colonial ruins.

Explore Nusa Lembongan, the beautiful island in Indonesia
Nusa Lembongan is like a vacation from a vacation, where mainland Bali is becoming more and more overrun by tourists these days, Nusa Lembongan still holding on to its low key island vibes. Ultimately, it is a very chilled-out place that offers a decent ...

The interesting things to do in Flores, Indonesia
Flores Island, named after a Portuguese word meaning “flowers”, is famous as the Indonesian next big thing after its beautiful neighbor Bali. The popular Labuan Bajo town in the western part of Flores Island has a booming tourist population due to its famous Komodo ...

Top destinations in Java, Indonesia
Home to many of Indonesia’s most prominent cultures, Java is the nation’s centre of civilisation. Whatever is in your list when planning a trip, most likely you’ll find it on this sprawling island. From the country’s biggest metropolitan area to a remote diving ...

Top amusement and theme parks to visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
You are going on a family vacation in Jakarta but do not know where to go? Then you most definitely visit these places, which are perfect for young, old and even for the teenagers in your family. A place to have fun and create happy memories.

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