South Korea

South Korea - a beautiful peninsula having over 5,000 years of culture and history. It is a perfect combination of tradition and contemporary that amaze everyone all over the world. South Korea is actually famous for various cuisines, fashion trends and glamorous entertainment industry. Especially, the powerful Korean Wave “Hallyu” and charismatic “K-pop” will blow your mind all the time.
5 impressive architectures to visit in Seoul, South Korea
Seoul’s skyline is vast and ever changing. We take a look at several key structures that perfectly combine the old with the new. These are some of most amazing buildings in Seoul that make the vibrant city what it is today.

What to do in Gangnam district, Seoul
Gangnam literally means ‘south of the river,’ and this district in South Korea’s capital that lies along the banks of the Han, one of the country’s largest bodies of water. There’s plenty to do and see in this historically rich, fast-developing neighborhood.

4 reasons why Daegu should be your next trip
Daegu is a city nestled in the North Gyeongsang Province, which is known for a thriving population, years of rich culture and history, a myriad of modern conveniences, as well as gorgeous mountains and temples. If you’re looking for a novel experience, why not head to ...

Do not miss these specialties in Jeju island, South Korea
Jeju island is off the coast of South Korea, known as the “Island Of the Gods”. Jeju Island is best known for being the home to many deep-diving women, or Haenyeos who would put on their wetsuits to dive into the sea for the freshest octopus, clams, squid, seaweed and ...

6 best things to do in Haeundae, Busan
One of Busan’s most popular tourist hangouts, Haeundae is famous for its beach, its nightlife, and its lively atmosphere. Here’s our guide to some of the best things to see and do around Busan’s most famous beach.

5 outdoor activities to try in South Korea
No trip to Korea is complete without trying these outdoor activities, from cycling through the countryside to skiing down winter slopes. South Korea is the perfect destination for you to embark on an “active” holiday.

Come to Jeju Island and visit its traditional markets
The bustling and lively markets of Jeju are frequently visited by locals old and young, along with tourists eager to try Jeju specialty street foods. Here are some of the best traditional markets on the island.

5 ideal places to go camping in South Korea
Korea is a great country for camping. This tiny little country has very little use-able space, as a result, it is narrow valleys are crammed full with busy roads, farms, power-lines, rivers, houses, factories, golf-courses and villages.

Come to Korea and try these high-tech beauty products
K-beauty is a global phenomenon which has swept across the shelves of beauty stores worldwide. So it’s no surprise that the country is home to high-tech beauty solutions; here are some of the coolest gadgets on the market.

Explore Ulleungdo, the secret island in Korea
Situated 120 kilometers off the eastern coast of South Korea, Ulleungdo Island is known for its peaceful blue waves, revitalizing mountain scenery and breathtaking sunsets. Although mostly devoid of historical landmarks and famous dining establishments, Ulleungdo ...

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