South Korea

South Korea - a beautiful peninsula having over 5,000 years of culture and history. It is a perfect combination of tradition and contemporary that amaze everyone all over the world. South Korea is actually famous for various cuisines, fashion trends and glamorous entertainment industry. Especially, the powerful Korean Wave “Hallyu” and charismatic “K-pop” will blow your mind all the time.
Enjoy the autumn cuisine in Korea
Autumn in Korea is referred as “the season of high sky and stout horses,” which means that skies are clear and grains are fully ripened. As the proverb implies, there is many foods in Korea you can savor in the season. Here is a short list of things you must enjoy in ...

Top underrated cities in South Korea
South Korea has been consistently rising to fame as one of the top Asian countries to visit. Coming from its rich history, natural and man-made points of interest, not to mention its distinct cuisine, South Korea is a destination bursting with rich visual and ...

7 interesting fall festivals in Korea
Fall is one of those seasons that is just dazzling in South Korea, if you are not staying indoors depressed that summer is saying goodbye for another nine months.

Souvenirs you can only find in Korea
When traveling to a foreign place, it can be quite hard and time-consuming to find a unique gift to bring back home. If you fancy a change from the standard postcards, magnets, and T-shirts, we’ve got you covered with this guide on traditional souvenirs to buy in ...

5 most beautiful parks to visit in Busan, South Korea
Between the rugged mountains and pristine beach fronts on the East China Sea, the untouched natural landscapes and romantic scenery of Busan are best captured in the city’s parks. Here, we take a look at five of the best.

Must-visit temples in South Korea
South Korea masterfully balances rapid urbanization with revered cultural traditions. Among its steel skyscrapers and bustling cities lie the calming beauty of more than 900 traditional Buddhist temples, centuries-old architecture tucked among the country’s numerous ...

48 hours in Daejeon, South Korea
From stunning forests to the bustling downtown, Daejeon merges the beauty of a quiet country village and a metropolitan city. Now that 2019 to 2021 has been officially declared the Year of Daejeon Visit, it’s time to pack your bags and discover what this town has to ...

Experience 4 routes for hiking in South Korea
Hiking in South Korea is something that every local has access to and enjoys thoroughly, thanks to their transportation system. There are several trails that can be hiked on and can be enjoyed for their utmost beauty.

Discover coastal cities in South Korea
Surrounded by water, the Korean peninsula is outlined by a number of coastal cities that offer a welcome escape from everyday island life. Offering everything from sandy beaches to gorgeous seascapes, these coastal cities are the country’s most beautiful.

5 impressive architectures to visit in Seoul, South Korea
Seoul’s skyline is vast and ever changing. We take a look at several key structures that perfectly combine the old with the new. These are some of most amazing buildings in Seoul that make the vibrant city what it is today.

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