One of the seven Emirates states of UAE, with rows of skyscrapers lining the Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai is extremely stunning and glorious. Dubai is a home of Burj Khalifa tower - one of the most striking landmarks as well as the similarity enormous Dubai Mall. Moreover, the incredible desert landscapes also amaze people around the world.
Visit the best luxury hotels in Dubai, UAE
One of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dubai is home to some of the most decadent hotels in the Gulf. Enjoy beach views, world-class cuisine and first-rate amenities at Dubai’s most luxurious hotels.

Best budget restaurants to have meals in Dubai
If you think eating out in Dubai is all about fancy fine dining, think again. Whether you’re craving traditional Arabic cuisine or hipster burgers by the beach, these budget-friendly restaurants prove fantastic food doesn’t have to come with a hefty bill.

Top activities to do in Dubai's deserts
Visiting Dubai, you would expect to see the record-breaking architecture and countless numbers of malls. But if you’re more of an outdoors type, don’t worry – there’s plenty of ways to keep yourself busy camping or driving through the UAE deserts.

9 must-see architecture works in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, the opulent capital city of the United Arab Emirates, has been elevated as the eminent area of architectural design. So to be blown away by innovative architecture and stunning shapes on the skyline, look no further, this is the top architectural wonders of ...

6 must-visit amusement parks in the UAE
As an up-and-coming tourist hub, the UAE has spent billions of dollars bringing visitors and locals a range of unique theme parks that redefine the concept of rollercoasters and attractions. For all those thrill-seekers out there, here are the top amusement parks you ...

The best places to have brunch in Dubai
When it comes to brunch, Dubai has elevated the concept to the status of an unmissable city tradition. Eat your way through our list of the best brunch places in Dubai.

Useful apps to download when you are in Dubai
From booking your hotels, getting a ride and finding out what’s going on — you can do all of that from your smart phones. This applies to Dubai, too. These local and international apps are here to make the lives of residents and visitors a lot simpler.

Visit Dubai and taste the best local dishes
Dubai is known for its flavors. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you need to make sure that you have a good grasp on Emirati cuisine.

4 Hollywood movies filmed in Dubai
Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the world. The affluence and luxury of the city makes it the ideal filming destination. We list the top movies filmed in this glamorous city.

The reasons to visit Dubai once in your lifetime
Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s leading international business centres and regional hubs. This cosmopolitan city of diversity is at the crossroad of the globe and has transformed itself into a buzzing international metropolis.

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