One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore - or Lion city is well-known as a worth-living city in the world. Singapore has it all, the peaceful and fresh Sentosa island, the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, sparkling boutiques and department stores on Orchard Road. But Singapore has its exotic elements too - in the shophouses of Chinatown, for instance, as well as the temples of Little India and the city's night markets.
5 best libraries in Singapore
With libraries all over Singapore, some of which have specialised areas of interest, it should never be too hard to locate the information you’re after. Here’s our list of the city’s best, including state-of-the-art facilities.

Top coolest neighborhoods in Singapore
Whether you’re just visiting Singapore or already live here, chances are after a few outings you’ve grown tired of the hyper-touristy Marina Bay District. Head out to these neighbourhoods just outside the centre of the city for a change of scenery.

The best burger spots to try in Singapore
Singapore’s burger scene is sizzling hot, with classic diners sandwiched between hipster joints and local stalls. From a hidden burger bar to a local bistro serving up nasi lemak burgers, here is the guide to 7 best burger restaurants in Singapore.

Must-try desserts in Singapore
Skipping dessert in Singapore is an injustice to your tastebuds, for eating its sweet treats is akin to taking a bite out of the city-state’s cultural and ethnic diversity. Whether it’s creamy, soft Peranakan durian pengat or the chewy goodness of Tang yuan, ...

Welcome New Year 2020 in Singapore
In Singapore, one can witness the vibrant fusion of cultures, ethnicity, communities and most importantly, people. The place is a complete package full of excitement, surprises and charm. So here is an idea, why not spend the New Year in Singapore?

The most Instagrammable places in Singapore
Instagram is playing an increasingly big role in the way people travel and capture their memories. Singapore is one of those destinations where there are Instagram-worthy spots all over the city; the contrast between modern high-rise buildings and colorful houses ...

Visit the Singapore locations spotted in Crazy Rich Asians
Fans of Crazy Rich Asians rejoice - the first book in a trilogy about the lives of a super-wealthy Singaporean family has made the jump from page to screen. Take a look at some of the Singapore filming locations found in the Crazy Rich Asians movie and what you can see ...

Explore the River Safari in Singapore
River Safari Singapore is Asia's first river-themed wildlife park where you can experience the majesty and thrill of some of the most iconic rivers in the world while meeting some really special animals. This 12-hectares wildlife reserve is packed with ...

5 beautiful Buddhist temples in Singapore
A third of Singapore’s population is Buddhist, and so it is no surprise that there are so many beautiful Buddhist temples here. A visit to one of these temples is not only to admire the architectural beauty, it is also an excellent way to learn about the religion, ...

Top 5 Singapore’s historical hotels
Luxury hotels tend to abound in most tourist-heavy destinations around the world, but the ones in the island-nation of Singapore stand out for more than their fancy amenities and five-star service - their star feature, in fact, maybe their rich history. Few places can ...

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