One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore - or Lion city is well-known as a worth-living city in the world. Singapore has it all, the peaceful and fresh Sentosa island, the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, sparkling boutiques and department stores on Orchard Road. But Singapore has its exotic elements too - in the shophouses of Chinatown, for instance, as well as the temples of Little India and the city's night markets.
Must-have apps when travel to Singapore
Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia and is often called the ‘Little Red Dot’. Singapore may be small, but its outsize influence in the world has made her one of the most popular travel destinations. And if you are planning to travel to ...

Do not miss these restaurants in Little India, Singapore
Restaurants in Little India often specialize in authentic cuisine from the northern and southern regions of India. With Serangoon Road and the adjacent Racecourse Road lined with vibrant curry houses, choosing where to eat in Little India can be a daunting task.

Best new Singapore attractions in 2019
Now that everybody is flocking to Jewel Changi Airport, discover these other new attractions in Singapore that may have been overshadowed by its opening.

The must-visit museums in Singapore
A museum is a place in which artistic, cultural and scientific values are collected, preserved, interpreted and displayed and Singapore’s museums are great art works boasting such respectful values of the national history.

Things that are banned in Singapore
Singapore is known for its strict regulations and laws in place to maintain peace and order. So before you come to Singapore, you might want to give our list a good read.

Find the best street art spots in Singapore
If you want to enjoy street art with a mix of local ethnic heritage, why don't visit Singapore once to witness these incredible arts? You don’t need to go to a museum or an art gallery to learn more about Singapore’s history, culture, and art. Here are the best 7 ...

9 reasons why Changi Airport is the best airport in the world
Changi Airport in Singapore is one of those airports that make people want to spend a lot of time wandering around. Below are 9 reasons why you might want to actually work the Changi Airport into your travel plans.

5 night markets to visit in Singapore
A quintessential part of any trip to Singapore should be exploring its famed night markets for great bargains and great food. There’s a whole experience to be had in these bustling bazaars, which are extremely popular with the locals.

Must-visit shopping malls on Orchard Road, Singapore
Speaking of shopping in Singapore, most of the time we would immediately think of Orchard Road. Get your credit card ready and shop in Orchard until you drop.

The must-try classic desserts in Singapore
A melting pot of cultures that range from Malay and Peranakan to Indian and Chinese, Singapore’s food landscape is a multi-ethnic tapestry of flavours.

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