One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore - or Lion city is well-known as a worth-living city in the world. Singapore has it all, the peaceful and fresh Sentosa island, the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, sparkling boutiques and department stores on Orchard Road. But Singapore has its exotic elements too - in the shophouses of Chinatown, for instance, as well as the temples of Little India and the city's night markets.
The best gardens and parks in Singapore
Need a breath of fresh air in the bustling megacity that is Singapore? We have the ultimate list of parks, gardens and green spaces to give your lungs a boost of vitality.

Discover Kusu, Tortoise Island in Singapore
Kusu Island is a tiny and mythical sensation located off the Southern coast of Singapore. Day-breaks, retreats, pilgrimage, or a fun outing with your family to Kusu Island are the scenarios that make this place so special. Take a deeper look at the beauty and intricacy ...

Do not miss these beautiful islands when visiting Singapore
Each island in Singapore boasts of a unique history, topography and activities. This means that you can visit sixty-three different locations with the same visa. Below are the best islands in Singapore you should visit when you are in Singapore.

6 tips you should remember when visiting Singapore
Often dubbed as the “fine city”, Singapore has built quite a notorious reputation with strict laws and regulations in place. However, Singapore is a remarkable place to visit as long as you follow these few simple tips that will make your trip much more pleasant.

A day to explore Fort Canning Park in Singapore
Fort Canning Park, an iconic hilltop landmark has witnessed many of Singapore’s historical milestones. The hill once sited the palaces of 14th century Kings and served as the Headquarters of the Far East Command Centre and British Army Barracks. Accompanying these ...

A guide to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
On your first visit to Singapore, you’ll instantly notice the sheer amount of greenery. This is quite impressive when you consider the size of the nation. Gardens by the Bay is a real proof of Singapore's effort in keeping the country green.

Top activities to do in Sentosa Island, Singapore
The tiny outpost of Sentosa is always the first thing people think of when it comes to Singapore. As strange as it may sound, this is not just your usual, sun, sea and sand tropical haven. In fact, this place is a delight for travellers of all ages and can possibly ...

The most crowded places in Singapore
There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Singapore. Unfortunately, some of these attractions are so popular that they attract big crowds which some may find overwhelming. Here are the most crowded tourist attractions in Singapore.

Best places to stay on a trip to Singapore
If you haven’t visited Singapore you would be forgiven for thinking that the Asian cultural powerhouse was a steely city environment. But look beyond the squeaky-clean image and you’ll discover a country with sense of culture, long-established customs and culinary ...

Reasons why Singapore is a worth-visiting destination once
Singapore often gets plenty of attention in the press for reasons totally unrelated to its real charms. Whether you’re an insatiable foodie, a lover of the arts or an irrepressible daredevil, Singapore’s endless possibilities is certain to fuel the fires of your ...

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