Known as the "Las Vegas of Asia", Macau has a unique society, with communities from the East and West complementing each other, and many people who come to visit. Along with casinos, Macau features European style from streets, churches to foods. With most of population being of Chinese descent, the integration of the two cultures is more connected.
Do not miss these shows in Macau
Macau offers an impressive selection of high quality shows and performances, both permanent and those passing through. Here is a list of all the great shows and performances in Macau.

Have you ever tried these local dishes in Macau?
Macau is more than just a casino city. It’s also a place where East met West over 400 years ago to produce the world’s first fusion food: Macanese cuisine. A unique blend of both Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking techniques, here are 9 of the tastiest ...

Best things to do in Coloane, Macau
Go to Coloane Island to discover Macau beyond its casinos, a place where you can enjoy lush greenery, beaches, hiking trails, seaside restaurants and unique East-meets-West heritage.

The best places to enjoy bubble tea in Macau
Bubble tea looks like something from the future to those who remain unfamiliar with this Taiwanese drink. Besides being tasty, it is fun, insta-worthy and usually not too expensive. Here is the ultimate go-to places for good bubble tea in Macau!

Top UNESCO sites at Historic Centre of Macau
The Historic Centre of Macao is a collection of over twenty locations that witness the unique assimilation and co-existence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures in Macau, a former Portuguese colony. It represents the architectural legacies of the city's cultural ...

Reasons to add Macau to your bucket list
Known as one of the biggest gambling cities in the world, Macau is undoubtedly an intriguing destination to have a rollercoaster trip full of both Western and Eastern based experiences.

Stop by 6 most beautiful churches in Macau
Macau has a long and rich Catholic tradition, and Catholic worshippers currently number around 30,000 (about 5% of the population). This heritage is reflected in the number of Churches spread across the peninsula and down into Taipa and Coloane.

Best places to have Portuguese egg tarts in Macau
Eating a hot Portuguese egg tart is one of the essential experiences for any visitor to Macau. Here’s where you can get the best egg tarts in Macau.

Visit 6 popular art spaces in Macau
Are you a fan of artworks visiting Macau? You will be happy to know that there is a good mix of art-based attractions that can be enjoyed during your visit.

6 must-see historical landmarks in Macau
There are many historical sites and buildings to explore in Macau. The most famous ones are concentrated in the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, you can also explore many other historical landmarks in Macau.

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