A land of blinding colors and dazzling lights – from ancient traditions and artistic heritages to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations, India will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses and warm your soul. In addition, one of the seven wonders of the world - Taj Mahal is the best tourist attraction ever.
Conquer the best hiking destinations in India
With its towering Himalayan peaks and lush South Indian jungles, India offers a diversity of hiking opportunities like nowhere else on earth. Whether you’re up for a short day hike or want to undertake a longer expedition, here are some of India’s most epic ...

The best dating spots in Chennai, India
Between its fast-paced social life and dating apps that revolves around quick coffees and brunches, Chennai’s romantic spots have taken somewhat of a beating.

Top attractions in Chennai, India
Unlike some other cities in India, Chennai (previously known as Madras) does not have any world famous monuments or tourist attractions. It was a cluster of small villages until the British developed it as a trading port, naval base, and administration hub.

2 day trip in Ooty, India
Ooty, the Queen of Hill stations, welcome you with mesmerising meadows, soothing environment, cool weather and a wide array of sightseeing places to visit and admire. Each tourist attraction in Ooty promises a unique and lively experience that will leave you in awe for ...

6 must-visit caves in India
There are many caves in India that is worth exploring. Each state in the country has many caves that are specimen history, culture and spirituality; for instance, there are caves with many legends attached to them, on the other side one can also find oodles of caves ...

Top 7 amazing Jain Temples in India
Jainism is one of the oldest religion in India that tells us the path of non-violence over all living things on planet Earth. The religion is dedicated towards worship and belief by purifying negative thoughts through mental purification. There are approximately 4.2 ...

Top attractions in Bodhgaya, India
The crucible of Buddhism, Bodhgaya (or Bodh Gaya) was where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment beneath a bodhi tree 2600 years ago and became Buddha (the 'Awakened One'). The ambience is a mix of monastic tranquillity, backpacker comforts and ...

One day trip in Gwalior, India
Famous for its ancient architecture and grand historic significance, Gwalior never fails to amaze its visitors.

Where to shop for souvenirs in Goa, India
With breezy beaches, thrilling adventures and lively flea markets, Goa is alluring for sure. Goa has some great souvenirs for sale, so here’s is a rundown of the best places to buy gifts for loved ones or yourself.

Top destinations in Bangalore, India
Bangalore, now called Bengaluru, is the capital city of Karnataka in south India. The city has earned several names such as Silicon Valley of India, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City, and City of Gardens.

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