Top 3 most fascinating cities for budget-minded travelers

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Top 3 most fascinating cities for budget-minded travelers
The world is full of affordable destinations, and it doesn’t require much effort to find them. No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on a budget, even countries we think of as expensive are quite budget-friendly if you know certain tips and tricks.

  • Hoi An, Vietnam

    Hoi An, VietnamHoi An, Vietnam

    Hoi An is a World Heritage Site with hundreds of buildings designated historic landmarks that can be visited for only around $21 a day. Explore the Ancient Town on foot to check out the centuries-old temples and magnificent architecture adorned with colorful lanterns, or join a tour to learn about the local fishermen and even test your own skills. If you’re into shopping, there are countless bargains here and hundreds of tailor shops that sell clothing, bags and custom-made items for inexpensive prices.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok, ThailandBangkok, Thailand

    For less than $27 a day you can experience Bangkok’s most iconic cultural attractions, such as golden temples, floating markets and street food. Visit the Grand Palace, a compound of palaces and temples home to Thailand’s most important relic, the Emerald Buddha, a 15th-century sculpture made from jade. Unwind in the European-style gardens of Dusit, visit Phra Nakhon, which hosts the Wat Pho temple of the Reclining Buddha, and then fuel up with all sorts of foodie delights with just about every dish bursting with flavors.

  • Goa, India

    Goa, IndiaGoa, India

    For a little over $25 a day, you can visit Goa, an especially picturesque coastal spot that’s considered to be India’s top beach destination with unspoiled white sands that frame the glistening blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. While the central regions tend to be crowded, venture further north or south for more remote and tranquil treasures that provide an eclectic blend of history, culture, nature and all sorts of adventures.

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