What to do in Coron, Philippines

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What to do in Coron, Philippines
If Coron is not already on your bucket list, then get a pen ready. You can consider Coron to be a smaller, quieter, and just as pristine version of El Nido.

Just like its neighbor, Coron has natural wonders that defy logic and make you question reality. Swim through underwater mountains, visit hidden lagoons, snorkel over otherworldly reefs, wander on sand beaches, the adventures never stop.
  • Swim in Coron Twin Lagoon

    Swim in Coron Twin LagoonSwim in Coron Twin Lagoon

    The scenery is outstanding at the Twin Lagoon, waters range from a luminescent turquoise to emerald greens. The limestone karst formations blend gray and beige in their shapes that have been twisted by erosion, and many shades of green tropical plants grow in the cracks of the stone, making you wonder how they survive in such an environment.

    Swimming and snorkeling are popular activities in this area, but beware of the large sea urchins found on the ocean floor. It takes 20 minutes by boat to get to the Twin Lagoon from Coron Town. Bangkas (local boats used to hop from one island to the other) moor in the largest lagoon in front of the small fault in the limestone cliff, which also serves as the entrance into the smaller lagoon.

  • Hike Mt. Tapyas

    Hike Mt. TapyasHike Mt. Tapyas

    Coron has to be the hottest place in Palawan. Even with temperatures of 97°F and humidity at 95%, you should assure that climbing to the top of Mt. Tapyas should definitely be on your list of adventurous things to do in Coron.

  • Admire the beauty of Coron Bay

    Admire the beauty of Coron BayAdmire the beauty of Coron Bay

    Coron Bay is where all the magic happens. This breathtaking maze of deep blue water winds around tall limestone cliffs that remind you of the movie ‘Avatar’, it almost does not seem real.

    There are multiple shipwrecks in the bay that have encouraged the growth of natural reefs. These reefs and the wrecked ships make ideal dive and snorkel spots. You can sign up for Island Tours that take you through Coron Bay while stopping at secret inlets, guiding you to the best swim spots, and visiting viewpoints that give you full perspective of the bay.

  • Dive to see the underwater mountains in Barracuda Lake

    Dive to see the underwater mountains in Barracuda LakeDive to see the underwater mountains in Barracuda Lake

    Barracuda Lake is another one of Coron’s fresh water lakes, and the weirdest place we can imagine diving!

    To reach the lake, you have a short hike up rickety wooden stairs and slick granite rocks with all your dive gear on your back. The lake is a heliocline and a thermocline. That means it has layers of salt and fresh water, plus varying temperatures as hot as 38° C (100° F). Between being bizarrely hot while diving in a hot spring, it looks like the mountains from the movie Avatar underwater and you can just hang out suspended while taking in the view of underwater mountain peaks.

    The lake is incredibly clear and it is worth a stop even if you only snorkel, but to experience the hot spring and truly take in the magnitude of the underwater peaks, it is the best explored on a dive.

  • Visit Kingfisher Park

    Visit Kingfisher ParkVisit Kingfisher Park

    Kingfisher Park is a mangrove and bird haven with tons of natural life to investigate. There are vegetation and animal species here that are specifically endemic to Palawan; in other words, you can only see them here.

    There are a few activities you can take part in including The Mount Lunes Santo Trek and the Starry-starry night Tour. But the most popular activity at Kingfisher Park is to kayak around the mangroves to get a closer look at the wildlife both in the mangroves and under your boat.

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