7 unique homestays in Asia

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7 unique homestays in Asia
If you are keen to travel to Asia and would like to experience staying somewhere a little different than your average hotel then you have a lot of choice.

There are options for all budgets, so if you are keen to go backpacking on a budget or have a budget for something more luxury you will be able to find hostels, hotels and resorts which are probably unlike anywhere you have ever stayed before. Check out these recommendations for some of the coolest and most quirky places to stay in Asia and book a stay today.
  • 4 Rivers Floating Lodge - Koh Kong, Cambodia

    4 Rivers Floating Lodge - Koh Kong, Cambodia4 Rivers Floating Lodge - Koh Kong, Cambodia

    The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia’s Koh Kong is the kind of place that guarantees you a killer Instagram pic. Each of its 12 tented bungalows is perched directly over Tatai River and provides spectacular views from a private sun deck. Modern amenities like wifi, flatscreens, and mini-bars ensure civilsation never feels too far away.

  • Hobbit House - Khao Yai, Thailand

    Hobbit House - Khao Yai, ThailandHobbit House - Khao Yai, Thailand

    Located in Nakhon Ratchasima near Khao Yai National Park, their Shire homes are shrouded by vines and creepers, so you will feel like you have stepped right into Middle-earth. There are a variety of rooms to choose from, depending on the number of people in your crew.

    You can also rent costumes complete with weaponry to fulfill your dream of being one of the elves, hobbits, dwarves or wizards, even if just for a day.

  • Seaventures Dive Rig, Borneo

    Seaventures Dive Rig, BorneoSeaventures Dive Rig, Borneo

    Stay on an oil rig? Is this even possible? Yes. In beautiful Sabah in Malaysia an old oil rig (as seen in the image above) has been transfored into a modern accommodation with over 27 rooms and entertainment. This is an amazing place to stay if you are a keen to go scuba diving in Malaysia as there are spectacular coral reefs located all around the hotel.

  • Kumbuk Hotel - Buttala, Sri Lanka

    Kumbuk Hotel - Buttala, Sri LankaKumbuk Hotel - Buttala, Sri Lanka

    Looking for an eco-accommodation with a difference? Check out the incredible Kumbuk hotel in Sri Lanka. Situated on the banks of Kumbbukam Oyan River, this slighly strange looking hotel is an architectural gem and provides tourists the chance to stay in eco wood and straw accommodation.

    The hotel is located in a rich area of vegetation and biodiversity and is one of the most relaxing places to stay in the country. If you are a keen eco traveler than you might want to combine experiences and volunteer in Sri Lanka where you can work with elephants and sea turtles.

  • Benesse House - Naoshima Island, Japan

    Benesse House - Naoshima Island, JapanBenesse House - Naoshima Island, Japan

    Thirsting for culture? Book a stay at museum-meets-hotel Benesse House in Japan. Split between several wings, Benesse House was built by Soichiro Fukutake, an art collector and billionaire heir to a publishing fortune. Fukutake’s spectacular private collection – including works by Twombly, Johns, Gormley, and Monet, fills the space and can even be found in guest rooms.

  • Sharma Springs - Bali, Indonesia

    Sharma Springs - Bali, IndonesiaSharma Springs - Bali, Indonesia

    A 6-storey bamboo villa stands out massively in the middle of a forest. Beyond this huge structure is the Ayung River, twinkling in the sunlight. This is Sharma Springs, found in Bali, Indonesia.

    Trade the usual beach vacay for an upgraded Tarzan-like jungle paradise stay. Built in the shape of a lotus, this villa is part of Bali’s Green Village project for sustainable living. The place has 4 bedrooms complete with a private plunge pool, and you can weave through the villa via a ginormous bamboo tunnel.

  • Crazy House, Da Lat, Vietnam

    Crazy House, Da Lat, VietnamCrazy House, Da Lat, Vietnam

    The Crazy House guesthouse in Da Lat, Vietnam was designed by architect Dang Viet Nga who took inspiration from Gaudi. There are 10 unique rooms available with random themes, designs and artwork. This guesthouse will remind you of something out of a children book whilst the location is spectacular too, surrounded by lush rainforest.

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