6 traditional food and beverage in Mongolia

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6 traditional food and beverage in Mongolia
The Mongol culture is not really passed on through the food that they eat. It is not as rich or as awarded as other cultures, however, Mongolia’s cuisine should still be on your must-try list, just to complete the whole experience. So, here are seven dishes and beverages to try out while in Mongolia.

  • Buuz


    Buuz is the traditional Mongolian dumpling. Expect them to be filled with ground meat, just meat. They are dense, larger than the dumplings you might expect to see on a dim sum menu, and the meat inside could be pretty much anything depending on what the roadhouse has at the time. Mutton is typical but also expect goat, yak or even camel meat. Quite often they are made to order, by hand, so you may wait 30 minutes or more after ordering to get your steaming hot buuz.

  • Airag


    Airag is Mongolian traditional drink. Rural people making summer time in it. Mongolian people used to airag in Naadam festival, wedding, New Year and others. Some people can drink 2-3 letre one sit. Airag has included 7-8% of alcohol. So you will drink a lot of airag maybe you hang over. Airag is Mongolian respect and safely drink so you never to spit and drop it outside. During the Naadam and New Year festival who win the wrestling competition, people present him with one big bowl airag. Also, horse racing competition whose horse wins people drop the airag horse's croup.

  • Khorkhog


    Firstly is Khorkhog, cuts of meat, usually lamb or mutton, cooked inside a container which also contains hot stones and water. The pot is also heated from the outside, a technique practiced for centuries by soldiers when camping overnight. There are vegetables when available, but in common with most Mongolian cuisine, there is not much in the way of spice or heat, other than liberal salt and pepper.

  • Tea with milk

    Tea with milkTea with milk

    Usually used to tea cow, camel and sheep milk. May you visit Mongolian nomadic family first they served you tea with milk. The Mongolians drink tea with milk with salt. Sometimes the tea is cooked with rise, dumplings, and flour. It preparing is easy first water and add brick tea salt then milk and boiled it is ready. Some Mongolian ethnic groups drink tea without salt. Usually, Mongolian old people drink tea about one to three times a day.

  • Mutton Kebabs

    Mutton KebabsMutton Kebabs

    Specially served up during the Naadam festival as fast food. Harder to find in restaurants. Yes, the white pieces are not mushrooms, they are pure fat! This is the closest thing we found to “Mongolian BBQ” in Mongolia, if you are having Mongolian BBQ in your home country, it hasn’t got much to do with real Mongolian Food Culture, other than yes, they do BBQ meat some of the time.

  • Vodka/White vodka/shimiin arkhi

    Vodka/White vodka/shimiin arkhiVodka/White vodka/shimiin arkhi

    Mongols have made vodka for many centuries since the first Mongol people, hunnus. Making vodka is a complex process and requires a lot of skill and the right materials. The process of making vodka has been passed down through many generations, from father to son, and mother to daughter.

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