Check in top 5 best coffee shops in Nha Trang

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Check in top 5 best coffee shops in Nha Trang
If you are coming to Nha Trang, which is famous for its beaches and offshore islands, do not miss the opportunity to check in some cool coffee places there. Nha Trang, as probably any other city in Vietnam, has plenty of unique coffee shops to choose from.

  • City Fox Cafe

    City Fox CafeCity Fox Cafe

    City Fox Cafe is located on a quiet street, so barely any noise is coming from outside. You can choose between smaller tables with chairs or larger with cushions, both of them are pretty comfortable. Power outlets are ample and wifi signal is strong here. You will not only find coffee and tea, but also fresh juices, various pastries and fast food such as pizza, hamburgers and potato chips.

    Location: 27 Le Quy Don street, Tan Lap Ward, Nha Trang city

  • Cuppa Coffee

    Cuppa CoffeeCuppa Coffee

    This café is popular with international patrons and locals. Located on Biet Thu Road, Cuppa Coffee checks off everything on the list – delicious coffee and tea, great snacks, friendly and enthusiastic staff, fantastic ambiance and awesome location. Their famous drink is ice blended coffee, but make sure to try their blueberry smoothie and banana fritters for a fruity evening. Another plus are the homemade cakes made by the owner.

    Location: 4C Villa, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City

  • The Tea House

    The Tea HouseThe Tea House

    Away from center and tourists, you can find a super cute tea house which specializes on bubble milk teas. Along with various selection of drinks, this place also offers co-working space in a unique setting where is very modern, stylish and professional. Reserve your spot on the couch and stay as long as you need.

    Location: 37 A4 street, Phuoc Hai Ward, Nha Trang city

  • An Café Nha Trang

    An Café Nha TrangAn Café Nha Trang

    This little eco-friendly coffee and tea shop is constructed entirely out of wood, which has fantastic indoor and outdoor spaces. As its name, it is a very tranquil and retro-looking place, with fish ponds inside, huge clocks surrounded by vintage style. It is mainly visited by locals, however, it is truly a gem for travelers. And Café Nha Trang is a really great place for you to plan your next journey or to sit in silence and read a book or browse the internet.

    Location: 40 Le Dai Hanh street, Phuoc Tien Ward, Nha Trang city

  • Runam Bistro

    Runam BistroRunam Bistro

    Runam Bistro is opposite the Intercontinental Nha Trang located on the beach of Tran Phu. You do not need to worry about the taste or quality of drinks here because it is a popular coffee shop chain throughout Vietnam. With cozy atmosphere and a fantastic menu of drinks, all of them makes the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea by yourself or with your friends.

    Location: 32-34 Tran Phu street, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang city

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