Explore Qingdao in 2 days

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Explore Qingdao in 2 days
Plan your Qingdao tour in 2 days? Qingdao, known in the West by its postal map spelling Tsingtao, is a major city in eastern Shandong province, China. To the east, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making Qingdao an important city for international trade.

The red roofs, blue sea, green trees and azure sky form a bright and colorful pictures of Qingdao, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and clean cities in China. Moreover, Qingdao is also a hot tourist destination.
  • Qingdao Beer Museum

    Qingdao Beer MuseumQingdao Beer Museum

    Qingdao Beer Museum is the first industrial enterprise that opened to outside world in Qingdao, which built by Tsingtao Beer Brewery in 1903. Covers an area more than 6,000 square meters, it is the only beer museum in China that well-combined historical treasures with modern design.

    It consists of three main areas, the history of a century and culture area, production technology area, and multi-function area. In this museum, you can have a glimpse of the history of beer in China Qingdao. The old German building and equipment are also play an important role to showing the company culture.

  • Mt. Laoshan

    Mt. LaoshanMt. Laoshan

    Mt. Laoshan is a famous mountain in Qingdao which is situated on the southeastern Shangdong peninsula. Mt. Laoshan is the highest coastal mountain in China, peaking at 1132.7 meters. It is known as one of the birthplaces of Taoism.

    Mt. Laoshan has been an important center of Taoism in China for many centuries. The entire mountain covers 446 square kilometers and has 218 places of interest, big and small. Mt. Laoshan is known for its oddly shaped rocks, ancient trees, and crystal-clear springs.

  • Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan ParkZhongshan Park

    Within central Qingdao, Zhongshan Park is a vast 69 hectares of lakes, gardens and walking paths. It is an amusement park for kids and is also the venue of lively festivals in the spring and summer. In the park’s northeast rises Taiping Hill with a cable car to the TV Tower at the top. Also within the park is Qingdao’s largest temple, Zhanshan Temple, an active Buddhist sanctuary.

    When you get off the cable car at the temple, look for a round concrete dome on the right. This is the entrance to a bunker, which the Germans used as a wine cellar, and today houses a wine bar.

  • Bathing Beach

    Bathing BeachBathing Beach

    As the largest sea-water bathing beach in Asia, the No.1 Bathing Beach is located in Huiquan Bay, which famous for the soft sand, clean water and clam waves. Surrounded by sea waters on the three sides, this bathing resort can accommodate tens of thousands of people a time.

    Firstly constructed in 1901 by German, this bathing beach was, at that time, a famous entertainment place in East Asia but only opened to foreigners. After two major renovations by the local government, it is now enlarged and became a well-known public recreation facilities in Qingdao. Its gentle slope and mild waves make the place a comfortable playground for local folks and tourists from home and abroad.

  • Zhan Bridge

    Zhan BridgeZhan Bridge

    Zhan Bridge, also called Qianhai Zhan Bridge, or Nanhai Zhan Bridge, is located at the north side of Qingdao Bay. Zhan Bridge is the symbol of Qingdao.

    Qingdao Bay is crescent shaped; like an arrow, the bridge shoots into the broad sea. Standing afar, a white lighthouse braves the waves and wind, while the Small Green Island No. 6 Beach west of the bridge and Zhan Bridge Park around the bridge invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of Qingdao Bay is a serene platform for exuberant trees and static scenes meld.

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