How to stay safe while traveling in India

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How to stay safe while traveling in India
India is an incredible and unforgettable country to travel. But there is no doubt that the initial thought of visiting India raises some questions even in the most seasoned traveler's head.

  • Don’t trust strangers, even youngsters

    Don’t trust strangers, even youngstersDon’t trust strangers, even youngsters

    Never trust strangers, not even a young person, as harmless as they might seem to you. A lot of people use juveniles to commit crimes as they look less threatening and in case they get caught, the penalties they receive are considerably less severe. In a shameful incident in October 2017, three underage boys were among five arrested for assaulting a Swiss couple in Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra. An argument had ensued after the boys demanded a selfie with the woman.

  • Be careful with what you eat

    Be careful with what you eatBe careful with what you eat

    Staying safe does not just include defending yourself against criminal activities but also taking care of your health. When in India it is important to watch what you eat and drink. Any vendor using tap water should be strictly avoided, such as street-side juice shops. You do not have to completely stay away from delicious street food, but check basic hygiene before you indulge.

  • Don’t go out alone at night

    Don’t go out alone at nightDon’t go out alone at night

    Indian cities now have some great nightlife. From concept restaurants and themed bars to a line-up of acclaimed performing arts, options are aplenty. However, a solo night out in India is never a good idea. It is always better to have someone with you when you go out.

  • Learn to say “no”

    Learn to say “no”Learn to say “no”

    Taxi drivers, tour guides and street hawkers will come at you with full intensity to try to sell their services. Firmly saying “no” without being rude is the easiest way to get out of such situations. Be confident in your tone as well as your body language instead of flustered. The more unnerved you look, the more these people are going to pursue you. Being outright rude can also give rise to unwanted circumstances.

  • Get a local sim card

    Get a local sim cardGet a local sim card

    In India, it is not very easy to find wi-fi connectivity. That is why getting a local sim card should be a priority if you want to have constant Internet connection. While all mobile networks work well in the cities that is not the case in the smaller towns. Find out which network has the best connectivity in your area and get a sim card to suit.

  • Use the women’s compartment of trains

    Use the women’s compartment of trainsUse the women’s compartment of trains

    If you are a woman and travelling on the Delhi Metro, the Mumbai Local or any other train, you should use the coach or compartment reserved for women, especially at rush hour. It is not that the public transport is totally unsafe, but travelling in the women’s compartment is much more comfortable, you can evade the occasional gawking of men, and generally less crowded. While the Mumbai local has first and second class ladies’ compartments, the first coach in every Delhi Metro train is reserved for women. The Kolkata Metro has designated seats for women.

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