The best burger spots to try in Singapore

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The best burger spots to try in Singapore
Singapore’s burger scene is sizzling hot, with classic diners sandwiched between hipster joints and local stalls. From a hidden burger bar to a local bistro serving up nasi lemak burgers, here is the guide to 7 best burger restaurants in Singapore.

  • Burnt Ends

    Burnt EndsBurnt Ends

    Earning the number 12 spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2018 is no easy feat, it would take something real special to do so. Something like a couple of custom-made ovens and grills fired by coal, apple or almond wood, to achieve temperatures of over 1,700 degrees. With the high heat, come the strong flavours, and that addictive subtle smoky taste, exactly what to love from a modern Australian-style barbecue restaurant.

    At Burnt Ends, the menu changes every season to always include a wide range of different smoked and barbecued dishes, from meat and fish to eggs and vegetables and even ice cream.

  • Wolf Burgers

    Wolf BurgersWolf Burgers

    With four locations around the city and burgers that are just the perfect size to fit into your mouth, Wolf Burgers is a classic. Throw some of their loaded fries on the side and you have one of the best meals in the city.

  • Burger Joint Singapore

    Burger Joint SingaporeBurger Joint Singapore

    Originating from New York City, the famous Burger Joint has opened an outlet in Singapore to serve fans Manhattan-style burgers. The American diner is hidden from plain sight and its physical address of Amoy Street will fool first-time visitors.

  • Muchachos


    As one of the few Mexican fast food restaurants in Singapore, Muchachos is definitely a cool and hip place to hang out. This restaurant promises to serve you with happiness wrapped in a burrito, assembled right in front of you. Though this happiness takes on the names of either Breakfast Burrito ($13.50) or California Burrito ($13.50), both of them are delights to your taste buds.

  • Vegan Burg

    Vegan BurgVegan Burg

    Vegan Burg is the world’s first vegan burger joint and has outlets in San Francisco and Singapore. The plant-based restaurant has broken the stereotype of veggie burgers without compromising on taste. The vegan burgers, Hawaiian teriyaki and avocado beetroot burgers, are proudly cholesterol-free, meat-free and GMO-free. Vegan bacon, vegan cheese and vegan eggs are used in Vegan Burg and these burgers taste nothing short of amazing. Who says vegans cannot enjoy fast food?

  • OverEasy


    Welcome to the fun '80s, think pastel palettes and a menu that owes a debt to the classic American diner. Signatures like Reuben pastrami sandwiches, waffles and wings drizzled with honey maple syrup are definite highlights here.

    Try this burger is loaded thick with the scent of the pungent mushroom. Truffle oil and bits go into the house-made mayo between two 160g Aussie wagyu patties of The Truffle Burger ($28), and there are added caps of browned shiitake and hon-shimeiji, plus onions under fluffy potato buns baked in-house. Oh, and do not forget the $2 upgrade for truffle fries to take the experience the full hog.

  • Omakase Burger

    Omakase BurgerOmakase Burger

    Over the years, Omakase Burger has been featured in countless media publications and it has certainly lived up to its hype. But the restaurant’s phenomenal success is no feat of sheer luck. The divine handmade burgers are the result of arduous research and innumerable recipe tests.

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