The most Instagrammable places in Singapore

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The most Instagrammable places in Singapore
Instagram is playing an increasingly big role in the way people travel and capture their memories. Singapore is one of those destinations where there are Instagram-worthy spots all over the city; the contrast between modern high-rise buildings and colorful houses makes it an Instagrammers dream destination. After all, if you traveled somewhere and didn’t share a photo of it on Instagram, were you even really there?

  • 1. Street Art at Haji Lane

    1. Street Art at Haji Lane1. Street Art at Haji Lane

    Need an interesting shot? Step into Haji Lane for a pop of colour. Located in Kampong Glam, Haji Lane is Singapore’s equivalent to Melbourne’s hipster alleyways. Filled with hip boutiques, buzzing bars, aesthetically-pleasing cafes and most importantly, a plethora of stunning murals and street art, the dynamic murals along the narrow path create picture-worthy moments at every corner, it’s no wonder this is an Instagram hotspot.

    Take your time meandering through the lane to find the right section of street art that catches your eye. With all the foot traffic passing through the narrow laneway, you may need a little patience to wait for people to clear to get the shot.

  • 2. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

    2. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay 2. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

    Arguably one of Singapore’s most unique and Instagrammable locations is the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, and in particular, the Supertree Grove within the premises. Feeling like something out of the movie Avatar, once night falls these spectacular Supertrees come alive with lights and sounds. The light shows happen twice each evening and are free to watch. I’d recommend visiting just before dusk so you can get photos of the trees in both daylight and when they are lit up.

    Try to shoot the Supertree Grove from a low angle with Marina Bay Sands in the background. The low angle should isolate the structures against the sky and help you avoid getting too many people in your shot. If you want a different perspective of the Supertrees, you can also pay to head up the OCBC skyway, which will also provide nice panoramic views over the city.

  • 3. Old Hill Street Police Station

    3. Old Hill Street Police Station3. Old Hill Street Police Station

    Another unexpected Insta-worthy spot, the rainbow coloured window frames across the entire building front makes it so eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing to look at. When looking at this striking neo-classic building featuring 927 rainbow-colored windows, you’d never guess this used to a police station and jail! The Old Hill Street Police Station is no longer is used for criminals, and is instead now one of Singapore’s most photogenic buildings. Snap a photo of it as you pass by this heritage gem.

    To get the shot, get someone to take the photo on the opposite side of the road from the building then safely go stand on the traffic island in the middle of the road. There is a lot of traffic on the road, so be patient and wait for it to clear so you can get a shot in front of the building without any cars in view!

  • 4. Tan Teng Niah’s House in Little India

    4. Tan Teng Niah’s House in Little India4. Tan Teng Niah’s House in Little India

    The House of Tan Teng Niah is another great photo stop for a pop of colour on your feed. Built in 1990, and conserved in the 1980s, the former house of Tan Teng Niah is located in Little India is one of the last Chinese villas left. Not only does it hold an interesting history, but it also provides a colourful background for insta-worthy photos.

    Try shooting from different sides of this colorful building as it looks different from every direction. You may also want to try photographing from a lower angle so you can get as much of the building in as possible.

  • 5. Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

    5. Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay5. Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

    Enter into the mysterious misty tropical highlands as you explore the diverse flora and vegetation, venture through the Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk and stare in awe at the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 35 metres high. Explore around the cool-moist dome and create your own interpretation for a picturesque photograph as the lights bounce off the waterfall and surrounding lush greenery.

    The Cloud Forest is always very busy so you will need patience if you want to get a good shot in front of the waterfall. Try using a wide-angle lens or a GoPro for the shot so you can make sure you get the whole waterfall in view.

  • 6. National Gallery Singapore

    6. National Gallery Singapore6. National Gallery Singapore

    Maintaining a balance between heritage and modern architecture, the refurbished former City Hall and Supreme Court buildings forming the National Gallery is truly a sight to behold as it represents both Singapore's past and present. Its historical architecture is definitely a must to capture, see and feel for yourself when you visit Singapore. If visual art is your cup of tea, head on inside and take a stroll through the collections of work on display that changes on a rotational basis every few months.

  • 7. The Helix

    7. The Helix7. The Helix

    Situated at the entrance of the Marina Bay Waterfront, right in between Marina Bay Sands and the floating platform, The Helix bridge makes for definitely a good picture spot to capture and soak in the Singapore skyline. Come by in the evening and watch as the bridge double-helix structure illuminates against the night sky by a series of lights.

  • 8. Future World at the ArtScience Museum

    8. Future World at the ArtScience Museum8. Future World at the ArtScience Museum

    The ArtScience Museum may not sound like a particularly insta-worthy spot, but one glance at it’s futuristic architecture, and you can see there is more to this building than meets the eye. There are always super interesting exhibitions going on that appease all ages. Most recently, this has included the very Instagrammable teamLab Borderless Future World. This interactive digital universe features 16 sound and light installations, each as memorizing as the next.

    As there is very minimal light inside the Future World exhibition, you do need a camera that performs reasonably well in low-light and preferable a tripod. You can get photos on your phone but you may struggle with the quality. Avoiding peak time as the exhibition gets very busy, making it difficult for photo-taking.

  • 9. Chijmes

    9. Chijmes9. Chijmes

    Located right in the beating heart of City Hall, this well-preserved and gorgeous white 19th-century chapel takes you back in time to its historical days. Snap a few Instagram worthy shots here to leave your friends guessing where you've been.

  • 10. Joo Chiat Road

    10. Joo Chiat Road10. Joo Chiat Road

    Located on the eastern side of Singapore, Joo Chiat is a quaint vibrant neighborhood recognized by their colonial bungalows and pastel-colored two-storey Peranakan style heritage shophouses. Take an afternoon to explore around Joo Chiat and catch glimpses of what still remains in this area after the war.

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