Where to go in Lotte World and its nearby attractions

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Where to go in Lotte World and its nearby attractions
Lotte World is a place where all visitors can play to their heart's content. The more you learn about the place beforehand, the more you’ll enjoy what Lotte World has to offer. Don’t miss out on the top thrill rides, photo zones and other must-see attractions when you visit Lotte World.

  • Fantastic parades & performances all day long

    Fantastic parades & performances all day longFantastic parades & performances all day long

    Lotte World is known for its festive atmosphere, created by the many themed festivals and performances. Watch the masked performers dance and sing to music in the Mask Festival. Lotte World’s mascot Lotty performs in the multi-media show Let’s Dream Night Parade. Additional shows include the Mysterious Mask World and Rock & Roll Big Band Show.

  • Enter the world of virtual reality with VR experience

    Enter the world of virtual reality with VR experienceEnter the world of virtual reality with VR experience

    VR Space, located on the basement third floor of Adventure Park, offers diverse VR gaming experiences using goggles and hand-held equipment. Black Wolf features a desert rescue operation, while Tower Tag is a shooting game between skyscrapers. For less of a story-based game, opt for Juicy Pang Pang, an arcade-style game of clearing as many obstacles within a set time. VR Space has the perfect game for any number of players or amount of time!

    VR Ride integrates VR with already popular rides, giving riders an extra dose of thrill. The French Revolution, Gyro Drop, and Across Dark use goggles to portray futuristic cities and fantasy worlds full of monsters.

  • Enjoy amusement rides

    Enjoy amusement ridesEnjoy amusement rides

    The best way to enjoy Lotte World is undoubtedly taking the rides. There are a total of 50 rides (as of March 2019) offered and visitors may choose to ride from diverse genres based on their own likings. The most representative rides that offer an overview of the vista indoors are the Hot Air Balloon Ride and the World Monorail, a ride that allows visitors to have a view of both Adventure Park and Magic Island in one setting. Visitors may also feel like they are in a romantic fairytale as they ride a horse on the carousel. For those who are bold and adventurous, you may try Atlantis, an exciting ride that combines the thrilling sensation of a roller coaster and a flume ride, or one of the three highlights of Magic Island - the Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing, and Gyro Spin.

  • Take photos at Gureolssahan Studio

    Take photos at Gureolssahan StudioTake photos at Gureolssahan Studio

    A mini photo studio guaranteed to offer unforgettable snapshots, Geureolssahan Studio can be found on the fourth floor of Adventure Park. Several photo booths are prepared, each characterized by vividly colored walls and adorable props with a theme of its own. The lighting is adjusted perfectly to match the tone of each booth, allowing even non-photographers to create unique and memorable mementos of their trip. The studio is open daily from 09:30 to 21:00.

  • Lotte World Folk Museum

    Lotte World Folk MuseumLotte World Folk Museum

    The Folk Museum at Lotte World is a highly recommended exhibition space, providing international visitors with the chance to see representative cultural relics and lifestyles of Korea’s past. Through cutting edge videos and miniature sculptures, the past will come to life right before visitors’ eyes. The History Exhibition Hall features information on the history and changes in national culture over time, ranging from the prehistoric era to the Goryeo Dynasty. One-eighth sized dioramas of typical scenes of life during the Joseon Dynasty are on display at the Model Village. Moreover, visitors may also catch traditional performances at the Nori Madang located inside the folk museum.

  • Lotte World Ice Rink

    Lotte World Ice Rink Lotte World Ice Rink

    An ice rink operating throughout all four seasons can be found at Lotte World. With the capacity for a thousand people, Lotte World Ice Skating Rink is a grand space connected to the Adventure Park indoors. Plus, Lotte World ticket holders are entitled to a discount when using the ice rink. Make full use of your trip to Lotte World by enjoying both facilities!

  • Lotte World Aquarium

    Lotte World AquariumLotte World Aquarium

    Lotte World Aquarium is designed with the motto “a place for understanding among people and the sea.” This aquarium is one of the largest in the city, with two levels for visitors to explore. Enjoy the various themed corners, looking for marine life from rivers to coastal shores and sea. Above all, don’t forget to check out the underwater tunnel, the longest in the nation with a length of 85 meters!

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