Beautiful four seasons in Nami island, Korea

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Beautiful four seasons in Nami island, Korea
Nami Island has created a wonderland of sorts where one can marvel at natural beauty through its walking paths, landscaped gardens, and ponds. Part of popular TV drama Winter Sonata was set on this island. Let’s explore the beauty through four seasons of this wonderful island.

  • The Location

    The Location The Location

    Nami Island or Namisoem is an island located 63 kilometers east of Seoul and measuring 553,560 square yards big. The island is shaped as a half-moon and formed whilst the Cheongpyeong Dam was under construction. Nami Island is beautifully landscaped and the roads are lined up with trees that create the feeling of being immersed in the natural beauty of nature. It’s home to rows of majestic redwoods, ginkgos and pines, making it ideal for strolling. Some of the best spots on the Nami Island are the lanes lined with sequoia trees, pine trees and ginkgo trees.

    The island is only an hour away from Seoul and can easily be visited. There are no wire lines to distract the visitors from appreciating the landscape. All the electric wires are built underground. There are several facilities and villas for the families to enjoy. The island is open all year-round, the seasons may change but the beauty of the island stays the same.

  • In the Spring

    In the SpringIn the Spring

    During the spring season, the colorful gardens bring life to the island and the fragrance of the flowers lingers everywhere. When the cherry blossoms flourish in South Korea, Nami Island becomes a heaven for cherry blossom fanatics. In front of the Water Stages Swimming Pool, the Cherry Tree Lane transforms into ravishing pink. The cherry blossom season comes and goes very quickly. Each year, the flowers bloom typically sometime around March and April and last just a few weeks.

  • In the Summer

    In the Summer In the Summer

    The summer season is a great time to feel the cool breeze whilst basking under the shades of the trees that lines up the road of the island. Nami Island is a popular summer vacation spot. During the summer season, Nami Island’s trees are emerald green and perfect for shading. When summer brings lush greenery to the island, take a stroll along with a thick stand of pine trees and redwoods.

  • In the Autumn

    In the AutumnIn the Autumn

    The autumn colors arrive at South Korea around late October to early November. Autumn season is one for the lovers as the bright attractive colors of the leaves create a romantic mood. In autumn it is one of the famous “Fall foliage destination” where trees become flowers for a short time with leaves changing from green to red, orange, yellow, gold and rust. The shades of red and orange paint the island in intense bright hues. Wandering around, you may meet some of the Naminarians ostriches and Korean chipmunks.

  • In the Winter

    In the WinterIn the Winter

    The winter season is an absolute view to behold as the whole island is covered with snow, and the whitish trees provide an absolutely magical feeling. In this winter wonderland, you will find surreal snow globe scenery and picturesque views. It is worth noting that the romantic drama “Winter Sonata” was filmed during winter. The most famous “Winter Sonata” poster captures the couple on Metasequoia Lane in the winter time. The tall trees planted on two sides of this walking path become the perfect landing spots for the fluffy snow.

    Surrounding the island, campfires are placed to keep your hands and hearts warmed. You can also eat some cozy hot food. On the streets, vendors sell delicious steamed red bean buns, syrup-filled pancakes, and sausages.

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