The best homestays in Bhutan

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The best homestays in Bhutan
Are you planning a trip to Bhutan and looking for homestays? Bhutan a landlocked country in South Asia, opened its doors for tourism in 1974 and since then many travelers are visiting the Land of Dragons. And if you are thinking about booking homestays in Bhutan, then you must take out a few seconds and read along.

  • Namgay Homestay

    Namgay HomestayNamgay Homestay

    With excellent services and a range of comforts on offer, Namgay Homestay has made its place among the top Bhutan homestays. Located in a farmland near Paro Town, the homestay faces Dop Chu River, so you can imagine the scenery you will be witnessing while your stay here.

    Namgay Homestay is a perfect option for a stay experience where you are far away from chaos and crowd. Delicious Bhutanese food is also available here which is made from freshly picked vegetables from their own farm.

  • Damchoe’s Homestay

    Damchoe’s HomestayDamchoe’s Homestay

    Owned by a Bhutanese English speaker-Aum Damchoe, then communicating between owner and guests was no longer a problem while staying in this Thimphu homestay. The homestay offers a cozy and homely ambiance making the feel of being at home. The owner, Mrs. Aum Damchoe is also a good cook, so it is great to try the authentic Bhutanese cuisine here.

  • Aum Om Homestay

    Aum Om HomestayAum Om Homestay

    Famous as more than a hotel less than home, Aum Om Homestay Paro, Bhutan is the prime location for travelers who are looking for affordable homestays. This village homestay in Bhutan provides travelers with cozy rooms and mouth-watering food. The rooms are well kept and the staff is warm and friendly.

  • Haa Valley Homestay

    Haa Valley HomestayHaa Valley Homestay

    This homestay built in traditional style is located at Ugyen’s Farmhouse, and is 200 years old. So, along with enjoying a relaxing holiday experience, you can also get to take a closer look at the traditional way of life in Bhutan by staying at Haa Valley Homestay.

    There are airy rooms to give you uninterrupted comfort while the home-cooked Bhutanese meals will make sure you eat healthy and delicious. Despite being old, all essential amenities are available at the homestay.

  • Nirvana Homestay

    Nirvana HomestayNirvana Homestay

    Paro, somehow, is a home of a lot of homestays that make looking for homestays in Bhutan has become easier than ever before. This homestay is well-worth for one who is a nature lover as it offers a wonderful garden surrounded including fresh plumbs and strawberries from an orchard. The best facilities and warm ambiance can be your thing during your stay in this adorable homestay.

  • Paro Village View Homestay

    Paro Village View HomestayParo Village View Homestay

    Located at a short walk away from Dzongdrakha Monastery, this homestay is a popular choice among backpackers due to the great facilities available here ate reasonable tariffs.

    Overlooking a vast expanse of rice fields, this homestay offers breathtaking views of the beautiful valley. The hosts are extremely kind and friendly, and will be an excellent company during your stay here. The property even has an organic farm, so you can expect some mouthwatering dishes from Bhutanese cuisine here. You get to experience the essence of Bhutanese culture and tradition while you stay at this pretty homestay.

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