Top destinations to visit in Hai Phong

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Top destinations to visit in Hai Phong
Hai Phong is a coastal city in the northern Vietnam famous for having traditional Vietnamese and French colonial charm mixed together. Here are our top destinations that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Hai Phong.

  • Du Hang Pagoda

    Du Hang PagodaDu Hang Pagoda

    Du Hang Pagoda was founded three centuries ago. It’s been rebuilt several times, but remains a fine example of traditional Vietnamese architecture and sculpture. P Chua Hang leading to the pagoda is a narrow thoroughfare, bustling with Hai Phong street life. The pagoda is around 1.5km southwest of Hai Phong’s main street, P Dien Bien Phu; a xe om (motorbike taxi) here will cost around 30,000d.

  • Hai Phong Museum

    Hai Phong MuseumHai Phong Museum

    In a splendid colonial building, this small museum concentrates on the city's history with English translations on displays. The front hall's taxidermy collection is rather creepy but there are good exhibits of finds from the Trang Kenh and Viet Khe Tombs archaeological sites and some beautiful ceramic pieces. The museum’s garden harbours a diverse collection of war detritus

  • Opera House

    Opera HouseOpera House

    With a facade embellished with white columns, Hai Phong’s neoclassical Opera House dates from 1904. It's usually not possible to view the interior, but arrive in the evening and you can watch the locals who dress up and pose for pictures out front.

  • Queen of the Rosary Cathedral

    Queen of the Rosary CathedralQueen of the Rosary Cathedral

    Hai Phong’s elegant Roman Catholic cathedral was built in the 19th century and comprehensively restored in 2010. The building’s grey towers are a local landmark, although the interior of the church is rather plain.

  • The Colonial Quarter

    The Colonial QuarterThe Colonial Quarter

    While the aforementioned buildings are Hai Phong's most prized pieces of colonial architecture, there are plenty more buildings sprinkled throughout the city. The Colonial Quarter is concentrated around Dien Bien Phu and Tran Hung Dao streets. Many of the buildings have been neglected or converted into retail spaces on the bottom level. Look up to the upper levels, which still boast beautiful plaster work.

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