Visit Jordan, the heart of the Middle East

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Visit Jordan, the heart of the Middle East
Although it is clearly in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan can feel more liberal, progressive and safe than some of its neighbors. As a result, it is the ideal destination for those who want to explore this part of the world. A trip to Jordan offers the chance to visit ancient cities, admire magnificent granite cliffs, see secluded deserts and even swim in the Dead Sea.

  • Al-Karak


    The city of Al-Karak, also known as just Karak or Kerak, is located in Southern Jordan. It is known for its significant Christian population as well as its amazing castle. Al-Karak is home to the Citadel of Kerak, which was once a Crusader stronghold. After being ransacked, the castle was left in ruins for nearly 500 years. Some restoration work has taken place, and you can tour the castle to see the parts that have been restored. In the lower portion of the castle is the Karak Archaeological Museum, which boasts an impressive collection that helps explain more about the region’s history.

  • Aqaba


    Other than the Dead Sea, the only waterfront in Jordan is found in Aqaba, the nation’s only port city. Aqaba is sometimes called the window onto the Red Sea, and it has long been an important destination for the country. Aqaba has a unique blend of ancient and modern, allowing you to tour the 14th century Aqaba Fort or stay in luxurious, five-star resorts ranked among the best in the world. Ayla is of particular note because it is a small settlement from the sixth century that is remarkably well preserved. Aqaba is also a popular place for scuba diving instruction and guided dives in the Red Sea.

  • Dana Nature Reserve

    Dana Nature ReserveDana Nature Reserve

    For scenery and the chance to hike in the great outdoors, the Dana Nature Reserve is undoubtedly one of the top spots in Jordan. Your base will be the 15th-century village of Dana, which has remained largely original and boasts a few accommodation and dining options, should you decide to make it an overnight trip. The main reason to visit the Dana Nature Reserve is to hike in the reserve, climbing up and down slot canyons and valleys. The landscape is beautiful and pristine, allowing for memorable views and plenty of exceptional photography opportunities.

  • Amman


    Amman is the capital of Jordan, and it is also the largest city, the cultural hub and the center for trade. On your trip to Jordan, you will almost certainly spend some time in Amman. There are lots of Roman ruins to be found in Amman, with the highlights including the large Roman Amphitheatre and the Nymphaeum. The Citadel is definitely worth a visit, as it is home to some important local structures like the Roman Temple of Hercules and the large stone Ummayad Palace. If you’re at the palace for the muezzin call of prayer, you can hear and see an amazing display in the city below you.

  • Wadi Rum

    Wadi RumWadi Rum

    Although deserts are often imagined as dunes, Wadi Rum boasts sandstone mountains and towering granite cliffs. Many of the major attractions in Wadi Rum are natural landmarks and rock formations as well as unique colors of sand or rock. The Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, for instance, is truly remarkable to behold in person. The distinctive reddish-orange colors that lend the area an otherworldly quality has brought several science-fiction films here (such as The Martian) to replicate the Red Planet.

  • Dead Sea

    Dead SeaDead Sea

    Although most of Jordan is landlocked, it does share one small piece of coast with the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet, 430 metes (1,400 feet) below sea level, and the salinity level is incredibly high. The Dead Sea also has a number of historic and religious ties, and it was the site where the Jesus was allegedly baptized by John the Baptist. It is also an amazing place for relaxation because the water is full of minerals and the high salinity makes it easy to float on your back. The best way to visit the Dead Sea is to stay at one of the luxury resorts at the northeastern end of the sea.

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