24 hours in Vung Tau city

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24 hours in Vung Tau city
Located near Saigon, Vung Tau is seen as a paradise with blue sea and white sand to many people, especially, for holiday and picnic. A day trip to Vung Tau is probably the best and the quickest way if you want a few hours to escape from the noisy city.

  • Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda (Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha)

    Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda (Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha)Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda (Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha)

    A large pagoda located on the slopes of Big mountain in Vung Tau city. The beauty of the pagoda is the artful combination between religious architecture and natural landscape. The remarkable points in this pagoda are the 19-meter-high Bat Giac tower and the meditating Shakyamuni Buddha statue on a lotus sculpture built halfway up the mountain which visitors can see from afar.

  • Jesus Christ Statue

    Jesus Christ StatueJesus Christ Statue

    This statue of Jesus which height is 32 meters may be considered as a small version of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mount Nho was closed for its construction in 1974 and the statue was completed in 1993. The statue itself is not a masterpiece. However, with good positioning, the architects did a good job making a charming point of interest. Inside the sculpture, there are 133 steps which lead you to the balconies on statue’s shoulders. From there, you can observe the whole Vung Tau city.

  • Bach Dinh (White Palace)

    Bach Dinh (White Palace)Bach Dinh (White Palace)

    Bach Dinh, or the White Palace of Vung Tau City, is located at 4 Tran Phu Street, on the slop of Big Mountain. Standing 50 meters above the sea level, White Palace has its French name, La Villa Blanche. Tracing back to the year of 1898, it was considered as a summer holiday villa of French Governor General Paul Doumer. This palace was named after his lovely daughter.

    Standing in front of the building, you would fall in love with its antique and glamorous structure since the outside walls were decorated with beading and the Hellenic statues. Porcelain enamel colors are the main raw materials, making you feel fresh and peaceful.

  • Vung Tau Lighthouse

    Vung Tau LighthouseVung Tau Lighthouse

    After follow the tunnel built in a 2-floor house where the lighthouse watchmen live, you will reach the top of the lighthouse. From that position, you can see the whole view of Vung Tau city, the crescent shaped beaches, green Minh Dam mountain. Or just look down, a “forest” of flowers is blooming, making the entire lighthouse more unique.
    Besides, Vung Tau is also famous for its local foods, which you should try after a long day.

  • Banh khot Vung Tau – Vietnamese mini pancake

    Banh khot Vung Tau – Vietnamese mini pancakeBanh khot Vung Tau – Vietnamese mini pancake

    It is not an exaggeration when saying that some people travel to Vung Tau with the sole intention of eating Banh Khot. This dish is absolutely legendary and no better version can be found outside of this city. If you ever tasted banh xeo in Saigon and fell in love with it, wait till you try the Banh Khot in Vung Tau.

  • Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi – Sponge cake with salted egg yolk

    Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi – Sponge cake with salted egg yolkBanh Bong Lan Trung Muoi – Sponge cake with salted egg yolk

    The original version of Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi just included the ingredients of sponge cake and salty egg yolk. Nowadays, to please the customers and give you more choices, cheese and rousong are added as topping. Every bite you take is a combination of sweetness, saltiness and greasiness. This cake is a perfect Vung Tau gift for yourself or your family and friends.

  • Fresh Seafood

    Fresh SeafoodFresh Seafood

    You should not leave Vung Tau without trying any of the fresh seafood available in this city. You can easily find many kinds of seafood such as crab, snails, shrimp, blood clam, amberjack fish and so on. The fish and other kinds of seafood come directly from the sea every day in the afternoon so it is absolutely fresh.

  • Stingray hotpot – Lau Ca Duoi

    Stingray hotpot – Lau Ca DuoiStingray hotpot – Lau Ca Duoi

    Stingray hotpot is an outstandingly delicious folk food in Vung Tau. This dish also carries a great balance of nutrition. When you order Lau Ca Duoi in the restaurant, the server will place on your table the hot pot with stingray, some pickled bamboo, slices of chillies, vermicelli, rice cracker and a plate of herbs. Each of these elements play an important role in terms of making the flavor of the dish subtle yet delicious.

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