5 activities to do in Vang Vieng, Laos

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5 activities to do in Vang Vieng, Laos
Vang Vieng is a jungle town in Laos. Through the years, this town has been thriving as a new hotspot for the backpackers and adventure lovers as this place holds some of the most exciting activities in the region.

  • Go tubing

    Go tubingGo tubing

    This is definitely is a much more enjoyable experience now that they have got rid of the drugs and excessive partying. You rent a tube in town, get taken to the top of the river, and float lazily back to town. It is a pretty relaxing trip down the river. Rentals cost around 55,000 LAK, which includes a ride to the river.

  • Go caving

    Go cavingGo caving

    The Golden Cave, Padeng, Ring, and Nang Oua Kham Caves are all interesting sites to explore. To get to Padeng and Ring Caves, you’ll have to cross over a footbridge and climb up some questionable ladders (so be safe!). The Nang Oua Kham Cave is a little farther and harder to get to, but perhaps even better than the Golden Cave at the Blue Lagoon.

  • Rent an ATV or go dirt biking

    Rent an ATV or go dirt bikingRent an ATV or go dirt biking

    With an entirely different sort of tourist flocking to Vang Vieng, you cannot go far without hearing the roar (or seeing the plumes of dust) of ATVs racing around in the countryside. Prices will vary depending on what you rent and whether you are on a tour. For hourly rentals, expect to pay around 70,000 LAK for an ATV.

  • Check out the Blue Lagoon

    Check out the Blue LagoonCheck out the Blue Lagoon

    Located just 7 km outside of Vang Vieng, you’ll find a small lagoon, equipped with a rope string and plenty of tourists. While it does tend to get a little too crowded, it is a nice venture outside of the town and there is a big cave to explore too. While there are plenty of other lagoons around, I enjoyed the cave and the ability to meet so many other people at this one!

  • Climb Pha Poak

    Climb Pha PoakClimb Pha Poak

    If you are looking for some stunning views, head out of town toward Pha Poak. It’s only a 30-minute climb, though it can be quite tricky so be sure to wear reliable footwear. If you can manage the jagged stones and rickety ladders, you’ll be rewarding with an incredible view.

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