Laos and locals dishes you must try

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Laos and locals dishes you must try
Laos’ cuisine is as nuanced and unique as its people. With regional flavors and dishes, you’ll find different menu items in the north and south. With a typically spicy, citrusy and funky flavor profile, Lao food is an adventure for the palate. Check out these top Lao dishes.

  • Larb (Minced meat salad)

    Larb (Minced meat salad)Larb (Minced meat salad)

    This dish is a type of minced meat salad, and widely considered to be the national dish of Laos. You can find Larb made with chicken, beef, duck, fish, or pork. It is usually flavored with fish sauce, lime juice, fermented fish juice, ground rice, and fresh herbs. It will usually come with a few chili peppers, which you can avoid eating if you cannot handle spicy food. Larb is an essential dish to pair with sticky rice.

  • Tom Mak Houng

    Tom Mak HoungTom Mak Houng

    Tom Mak Houng is a papaya salad is another signature dish that offers the perfect blend of all the Laotian flavors. Made out of raw papaya that is tempered with fermented fish sauce, garlic, chilly, lime juice, sugar and garnished with peanut, Papaya salad is staple in the Laotian cuisine. It is fresh, fulfilling and packs a healthy punch. It helps to balance the otherwise heavy meat dished by adding some fresh crunch to it.

  • Mok Pa

    Mok PaMok Pa

    Mok Pa is steamed fish that is typically wrapped up in banana leaves and tied with bamboo string. It is prepared with lemongrass, kaffir leaves, green onions, fish sauce, green chilis, shrimp paste, and fresh dill. All these ingredients are mixed together with steamed fish. Mok Pa should never be served dry, and is also another dish that must be paired with sticky rice.

  • Khao Niao

    Khao NiaoKhao Niao

    A typical Lao family meal includes thip khao full of khao niao, and most of the rest of the traditional Lao dishes listed below served at the same time. Buddhist devotees spend mornings waiting in a line to give monks their day's allowance of sticky rice, in a tradition called Tak Bat.

  • Nam Khao

    Nam KhaoNam Khao

    The Lao hate wasting excess sticky rice, preferring to cook any surplus into dishes like nam khao. This crisp rice salad consists of sticky-rice balls, deep- fried and mixed with spring onions, peanuts, sliced shallots, peanuts, herbs, and slices of a fermented pork sausage called som moo.

  • Khao Nom Krok

    Khao Nom KrokKhao Nom Krok

    A serving of khao nom krok makes for a perfect end to your night-market shopping jaunt. As served in Luang Prabang, vendors make a batter of rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk, cook it in a cast-iron custom frying pan, then serve it hot.

  • Khao Jee Sandwich

    Khao Jee SandwichKhao Jee Sandwich

    Similar to Vietnam’s Bahn Mi sandwiches, the Khao Jee sandwich is a French baguette filled with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes then filled with luncheon meat, chopped ham, pate and a chili garlic sauce. This quick and delicious snack is sold by almost every street vendor in Laos and is readily available everywhere.

  • Lao Beer

    Lao BeerLao Beer

    While Lao beer is not technically food, it is an essential companion of any dish when your in the country. It is the most famous brand of beer found in Laos, and widely considered to be the best-tasting beer in the region. Lao beer is traditionally served with ice in small glasses, where it is enjoyed amongst friends and families. If you find yourself invited for a glass, be prepared to finish a few more bottles than you may expect.

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