5 cooking classes to attend in Hanoi

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5 cooking classes to attend in Hanoi
Hanoi's cuisine is one the things that makes every tourist fall in love with this city more and more. Thus, learning how to make a Hanoian dish through these cooking classes mentioned below is the goal of many tourists.

  • Hanoi Cooking Centre

    Hanoi Cooking CentreHanoi Cooking Centre

    Hanoi Cooking Centre is a staple in the range of cooking classes available in the capital city. They offer six different Vietnamese cooking classes plus a street food and market tour, so there really is something for everyone! The usual class includes a visit to a local market where participants can explore Vietnamese ingredients and gather some vegetables for their upcoming culinary conquest. Once back at the center, students learn to create delicious Vietnamese dishes under the guidance of expert instructors. The student who cooks the best meal is even awarded a small prize! Classes here start at $59 USD/person.

  • Blue Butterfly Cooking Class

    Blue Butterfly Cooking ClassBlue Butterfly Cooking Class

    Blue Butterfly is a popular restaurant in Hanoi that also hosts excellent cooking classes. They offer a hands-on experience during their half-day classes that emphasize learning new cooking skills while experiencing the flavors and textures of Vietnamese cuisine. Each student gets his or her own work station to create four delicious dishes under the guidance of the restaurant’s skilled chefs. Meals are then served in the restaurant dining area and paired with a local beer or wine! Students also receive recipe cards to take home with them. Blue Butterfly offers cooking classes at $55 USD/person.

  • Hoa Sua School Cooking Class

    Hoa Sua School Cooking ClassHoa Sua School Cooking Class

    Hanoi’s Hoa Sua School is a vocational school that aims to reduce poverty in Vietnam by training disadvantaged students to develop skills that enable them to have careers in tourism and hospitality. The school has helped thousands of young Vietnamese to find successful careers in these industries and has six different businesses supporting the school and giving students on-the-job training as chefs, bakers, tailors and more! The Hoa Sua School also offers a cooking class at its chef training center, with all proceeds going towards the operation of the school. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and volunteers are always welcome!

  • Highway4 Cooking Class

    Highway4 Cooking ClassHighway4 Cooking Class

    Highway4 is a popular restaurant in Hanoi that receives outstanding reviews for its tasty menu. The same restaurant also offers cooking classes that include a cyclo to the market tour – a lifesaver if it’s a particularly sweltering day! After the market tour, participants will return to the cooking studio to create a four-course meal. Participants have the option of choosing between four different delicious menus and one of them is fully vegetarian. However, you’re also free to combine any of the offered dishes and create your own menu to suit your taste buds. Classes are offered daily from 9 am to 1 pm and are priced at $42 USD/person.

  • Didier Corlou Cooking Class

    Didier Corlou Cooking ClassDidier Corlou Cooking Class

    Didier Corlou is a renowned French chef and his class is all about the delightful culinary fusion of East and West. The restaurant offers several different classes ranging from staple Vietnamese dishes to Dider’s fusion cooking style as well as a traditional Vietnamese cooking class headed by his talented wife, Mai Corlou. The restaurant requests booking a class with a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice. This class is best suited for travelers seeking a unique culinary adventure by creating dishes that elegantly combine Vietnamese and French ingredients! Classes are held at Didier’s residence or at the Madame Hien restaurant in Hanoi.

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