The must-visit local markets in Ha Noi, Vietnam

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The must-visit local markets in Ha Noi, Vietnam
Are you a shopaholic or simply you just want to enjoy the hectic feeling when entering a market? For a long time, Ha Noi has been known as the trading center of Vietnam so if you have the chance to visit our historical city, do not overlook an essential part- markets.

Here are the 6 most interesting markets that are waiting for you to explore.
  • Dong Xuan Market

    Dong Xuan MarketDong Xuan Market

    Dong Xuan Market is known as Ha Noi’s largest indoor market, offering a wide range of goods within its four-storey Soviet-style building. The ground floor has a bustling wet market section, where locals purchase fresh seafood, meats, and vegetables. Meanwhile, the upper levels are where you can find printed tees, fabrics, school uniforms, luggage stalls and much more, all available at wholesale prices.

    Located on the northern edge of the Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is a must-visit if you are looking to experience the local lifestyle (you might even end up leaving with a pair of cheap sunglasses and a Vietnamese conical hat).

  • Long Bien Wholesale Market

    Long Bien Wholesale MarketLong Bien Wholesale Market

    Long Bien wholesale market used to rank in top five most interesting markets in South East Asia by Go backpacking magazine. As the largest wholesale market in Hanoi, notwithstanding hot or cold, rain or dry weather, we can never see a day-off at this place.

    Different from others, Long Bien market ignites its lively atmosphere from 11 pm until dawn, when traders start to move to another part of the city. Products sold in this area are the most divergent in Hanoi as they are imported from plenty of different places like the Hanoi suburb, the South or even China.

  • Quang Ba Flower Market

    Quang Ba Flower MarketQuang Ba Flower Market

    The Quang Ba Flower Market in Tay Ho district offers fresh flowers from all across Vietnam, including Dong Anh, Soc Son, Me Linh, Dalat, and Nhat Tan. Open as early as 02:00, you can find rows of colourful daisies, cherry blossoms, roses, orchids and sunflowers which can be purchased separately or arranged in bouquets. The market is especially busy during the annual Tet Festival, with well-dressed locals in mopeds passing through the narrow aisles. If you are a flower enthusiast or an extremely early morning riser, make sure to include Quang Ba Flower Market in your travel itinerary.

  • Hom Market

    Hom MarketHom Market

    Beside Dong Xuan, Hom market has also been constructed for an excessively long time. Compared to the small size in the part, now Hom market has the capability to satisfy any housewives from clothes, silks, and bags to dry food, sweets, fresh food, spices, and especially seafood, which is carefully selected to guarantee the quality standard. Not only inside but outside the gate, there is a variety of street vendors that you can buy stuff for your family without entering the gate. Nevertheless, if you are not used to purchasing things in Hom market, you should be active in bargaining, particularly clothes or else you will lose money for nothing.

  • Ha Noi Flea Market (Hoa Binh Market)

    Ha Noi Flea Market (Hoa Binh Market)Ha Noi Flea Market (Hoa Binh Market)

    Existed for more than half century, this is the oldest flea market in Hanoi comprising lots of mysterious and strange goods that you can never find anywhere else. As a result of the subsidy period, for official goods, you have to purchase coupons or stamps in advance or else for non- official or even stolen things, these will be sold outside on the pavements or temporary shops.

    If this is the first time you have ever been here, you will easily get lost as this market is designed as a maze with hundreds of tiny shops selling nearly everything on Earth, especially for rare goods such as antiquated things, you just need to ask the seller beforehand and they will able to get it for you.

  • Hang Be market

    Hang Be marketHang Be market

    Through hundred years, Hang Be has been an indispensable part of Vietnam capital. For an authentic Hanoian, Hang Be market is a place for socializing, a cultural space of people in the old quarters. Moreover, thanks to its location, people usually feel that food here holds better taste than other places, which maybe is just a subjective perspective and no longer correct but it has deepened into Hanoi people’s mind.

    After centuries, Hang Be still remains the same discipline as the old days. Every morning, small shops are held up and when the sun disappears, everyone collects their stuff and comes home. Each one has their own space that has been decided together in advance that never in this market could we observe an infringement case between vendors for a trading area.

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