5 markets you should visit in Amman, Jordan

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5 markets you should visit in Amman, Jordan
In recent years a number of very innovative and groundbreaking markets have cropped up in and around Amman. Here is a roundup of the top ones in Amman, Jordan.

  • Nour al Barakah

    Nour al BarakahNour al Barakah

    Nour Al Barakah’s Saturday Market exists to bring people with disabilities and community members together by providing young adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to intermingle with peers in a safe, recreational and structured environment. The market sells locally made products in order to implement a permaculture that is built on the ethic of caring for earth and for people. Nour al Barakah is a weekly market operating year-round.

  • Farmers Market Amman

    Farmers Market AmmanFarmers Market Amman

    All produce bought and sold at the Farmers Market Amman is sourced from farms outside the capital and is guaranteed to be organically grown and free of chemicals and GMO’s. Taking place every Friday at the Orthodox club, the Farmers Market also sell handicrafts from an assortment of artisans around the country.

  • Souk Jara

    Souk JaraSouk Jara

    Souk Jara is an open-air handicrafts market held every Friday just off Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman. As you’re strolling down the aisles of vendors, you will come across a large variety of locally produced goods including antiques, handicrafts, soaps and various condiments.

  • Souk el-Khodra

    Souk el-KhodraSouk el-Khodra

    Souk el-Khodra, or the vegetable market, is the perfect weekly destination for all your fresh fruits and vegetables. Much of the produce is locally grown and the prices are substantially more affordable than most supermarkets in Amman. Take a stroll through the souk and enjoy the abundance of fresh seasonal produce available while listening to the melodies of the traders songs, enticing you to their stalls.

  • Souk el-Atareen

    Souk el-AtareenSouk el-Atareen

    Here you will find a collection of apothecaries selling a surprisingly large variety of herbal remedies for any aches and pains, as well as spices for cooking.

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