6 must try dishes made of Crab in Ca Mau

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6 must try dishes made of Crab in Ca Mau
Ca Mau Crab is a famous speciality that ocean has given to the land in the Southern pole of Vietnam. Ca Mau Crab is considered as the best one in Vietnam.

For Ca Mau people, when catching crabs, the simplest way to eat is boiled crab. Besides boiled crab, Ca Mau crab can be cooked into a variety of dishes.
  • Steamed crab

    Steamed crabSteamed crab

    When you go to Ca Mau, let try the steamed crab which can be mixed with some ingredients such as coconut or beer which not only limit fishy smell but also help crab meat become tasty. It is served at Huong Dat Mui tourism site in Ngoc Hien district.

  • Fried crab with salt

    Fried crab with saltFried crab with salt

    Salted sea crab is a quite close dish with many people, especially, fan of seafoods. Visitors are always impressed by sweetness of crab which is difficult to find in other dishes. Although it takes many times to do, you are not disappointed when it is finished.

  • Fried crab with tamarind sauce

    Fried crab with tamarind sauceFried crab with tamarind sauce

    Fried crab with tamarind sauce is a great dish in Ca Mau. It is carefully prepared by many steps. This dish is impressive thanks to mix of tamarind in hot spicy of garlic, chili, sweetness of sugar and the special flavor of Ca Mau crab meat, which no one can forget after enjoying it.

  • Ca Mau crab noodle soup

    Ca Mau crab noodle soupCa Mau crab noodle soup

    Unlike other crab noodle soups, Ca Mau crab noodle soup is more special because of tapioca, fresh crab and coconut milk. It is a great harmony between red color of crab, white color of noodle and green color of the onion and pepper. All of them make a unique and impressive dish to the native in general and visitors in particular.

  • Vang Kim crab

    Vang Kim crabVang Kim crab

    Coming to Thoi Binh, do not miss Vang Kim crab, which is extremely delicious and nutritious. It is decorated in a harmonious and eye-catching way with the red color of crab combined with the yellow color of salted egg yolk and vegetables.

  • Crab Curry

    Crab CurryCrab Curry

    Crab curry is a unique dish made of Ca Mau sea crab, which is both delicious and moreish. The combination of the yellow color of the broth, the red color of crab and the aroma of curry makes it very attractive.

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