A day trip in Ca Mau, Vietnam

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A day trip in Ca Mau, Vietnam
Located in the Mekong Delta, Ca Mau is the southernmost province of Vietnam. Ca Mau has a natural area of 5,211 square kilometers, with three main sides bordering the sea.

This land is just newly exploited, having remained untouched for over 300 years. In the past, the Khmer named this land “Tuk Kha-mau” which means black water. After many years, this name transformed into Ca Mau in Vietnamese. The color of the water in this land is black because melaleuca leaves of U Minh melaleuca forest have fallen into the water and colored it.
  • Watch sunset or horizon in the lighthouse in Hon Khoai

    Watch sunset or horizon in the lighthouse in Hon KhoaiWatch sunset or horizon in the lighthouse in Hon Khoai

    Hon Khoai is a part of Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau province, distance from the landing about 14.6 kilometers. Situated at the Southwest of Nam Can town. This is one of the most charming island in Ca Mau. Hon Khoai is the biggest island surrounding by 5 pretty islands. It take 3 hours to pass the sea by 90CV ship from Rach Goc, the tourist can freely contemplate the beauty of Hon Khoai sight.

    The tourist will be impressed by natural and glamorous beauty with the rolling rocks like goose’s egg, the carpet of primitive forest and a range of precious wood and animals here. There are over 100 types of plants and hundreds of animal’s types still existing on Hon Khoai island.

  • Selfie in Hon Da Bac

    Selfie in Hon Da BacSelfie in Hon Da Bac

    Hon Da Bac is in Ca Mau is 50 kilometers by boat from Ca Mau city. This is a nice series of islands including 3 islands nearby coastline. It is said that Hon Da Bac and Hon Khoai are over 180 millions years old. This island has a potential of eco-tourism. It take 90 minutes from Ca Mau city to Hon Da Bac by motorbike following the way from Minh Ha through Coi Nam.

    If using canoes or boats from Ca Mau city then floating follow Tac Thu channel and going through Hoi Dong Thanh channel on the West direction, then continues going 40 kilometers, the tourists set food on Khanh Binh Tay commune. Hon Da Bac has an area of 6.43ha.

    If you love taking photos as well as selfie, this is an ideal place to satisfy your passion because Hon Da Bac is one of the beautiful places of travel in Ca Mau province.

  • Visit U Minh Ha National Forest

    Visit U Minh Ha National ForestVisit U Minh Ha National Forest

    40 kilometers from Ca Mau City, U Minh Ha National Forest is one of the three core zones of Mui Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve, listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. This is an ecosystem area with the unique characteristics of wetlands on peat. You will find many melaleuca and vine-related plants here. There is a rich animal life with species of copper fish, python, snake, monkey, deer, boar, and more. In particular, the most interesting activity in U Minh Ha is taking a boat through the mangrove forest.

  • Shop on Ca Mau Floating Market

    Shop on Ca Mau Floating MarketShop on Ca Mau Floating Market

    Travelling to Mekong Delta without attending floating is a missing an interesting part. As the same to step on Ca Mau, the tourists should pay a visit and shopping on floating market together with go around the famous places for sightseeing. The Ca Mau floating market is located on the end of Ganh Hao river which is in center of Ca Mau. The floating market is as bustle as other floating markets in the Western area.

    There are hundreds of big and small boats with full of goods which used for bargain and make exchange deals in floating market. No one knows history of this floating’s establishment, everyone only know that the dealing way on the river is a cultural identity of the Mekong Delta specialized by many rivers.

  • Discover Mui Ca Mau

    Discover Mui Ca MauDiscover Mui Ca Mau

    If you visit Ca Mau, Mui Ca Mau is a travel attraction you should not miss. It is the southernmost point of Vietnam. This furthermost point is the easiest to get to in Vietnam, it requires no physical strength or long trails. Therefore, it is a great way to accomplish one of the four furthermost points of Vietnam.

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