All about Tuan Chau island, Quang Ninh

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All about Tuan Chau island, Quang Ninh
Speaking of Quang Ninh, most people only have an image of Ha Long Bay in their mind. In fact, Quang Ninh has Tuan Chau island as a huge tourist magnet as this place also holds many forms of entertainment.

  • Where is Tuan Chau island?

    Where is Tuan Chau island?Where is Tuan Chau island?

    Tuan Chau Island is deemed the heaven on Earth. It's the place that you simply have to visit when taking a Ha Long tour. The island is located on the important position at the entrance of the waterway system of Thang Long, Bach Dang, Van Don. And on the southwest side of Ha Long city, covered by pine forests. Tuan Chau is an island of 2,2 km2 in size and two man made beaches with white, fine sand on the east and south.

  • The origin of the name "Tuan Chau"

    The origin of the name "Tuan Chau"The origin of the name "Tuan Chau"

    The name of this island is the combination between "linh tuan" (the patrolman) and "tri chau" (district chief). Following the flow of history, Tuan Chau Island has a lot of archaeological sites which are "good companions" with the ancient culture of Ha Long from 3000 to 5000 years ago. There is an interesting fact of this island is that President Ho Chi Minh used to spend his holiday here. He used to stay in an octagonal house. And now, it becomes a memorial site that everyone can visit it when they visit Ha Long.

  • Transportations to Tuan Chau

    Transportations to Tuan ChauTransportations to Tuan Chau

    A big advantage of Tuan Chau island is that in here, both road and waterway transportations are available. It is so convenient for visitors because they can choose the kind of transportations according to their preference. Moreover, it is close to land, just about 18km away from National Highway No.1. This is an important road which helps to connect Ha Noi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, three cities in the economic triangle. It will take 3 hours to get to Tuan Chau from Mong Cai (2 hours if go by boat - or the other waterway transportations) and 1 hour from Hai Phong. So you can easily take a Vietnam tour and go to Tuan Chau island from Ha Noi or Hai Phong.

  • What to do in Tuan Chau

    What to do in Tuan ChauWhat to do in Tuan Chau

    - Animal club (dolphin, seal and crocodile club).
    - Animal circus.
    - Man – made beach with 4 km coastline long.
    - Cultural sports center such as golf course…
    - Hotels, villas, guesthouses with 5 stars standard (200 rooms).
    - Sight-seeing in Ha Long Bay by canoe, boat and helicopter.
    - Water park with a lot of interesting water activities.
    - Jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, motor racing, parachuting, sea fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping...
    - Martial art show 6 days a week (except Monday).

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