Discover the tourist attractions in Quang Ninh

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Discover the tourist attractions in Quang Ninh
Quang Ninh is endowed with natural advantages for sea and island tourism. It is home to the Ha Long and Bai Tu Long Bays, the Ha Long Bay National Park and some islands, the best known of which is Co To or Van Don.

  • Ha Long bay

    Ha Long bayHa Long bay

    As you know, Ha Long Bay has been so popular that it is always the first destination that one can ever think of when deciding to take a trip to Quang Ninh province.

    Ha Long Bay (Vinh Ha Long) means the “bay of the descending Dragon”. Many legends surround the formation of Ha Long Bay, most involving the afore-mentioned mythical animal. The most widespread story tells how a dragon, sent by the Emperor of Jade to support the Viet people fighting against the foreign invaders, helped push away the attackers and in the process, spat jewels that landed in the sea and formed the karst landscape. The Dragon, followed by her children, then decided to settle there and descended to the bay. Mother Dragon made Ha Long Bay her home while her children settled in Bai Tu Long, their tails whipping on the beaches of Long Vi.

    Land and aquatic ecosystems that have developed in the bay include various plant species. They all have high biological capacity and are home to several different creatures, some of them rare and nowhere else to be found in the world.

  • Bai Chay

    Bai ChayBai Chay

    Bai Chay is a ward situated in Ha Long City. The ward is famous for a beautiful beach named after that of the ward. Although it is an artificial beach, it is still in favour of many tourists and international friends for its eco-friendliness and unobtrusive beauty.

    It still keeps the original beauty with a range of hills lying among green lines of pine trees, magnificent villas and old houses. What will even amaze you more is the gorgeous Bai Chay Bridge that from the top, you will see the whole island lying still and charmingly. You also have the chance to soak in the cozy sea water but you can also get entertained by different kinds of arts such as puppet show and traditional music concert when you come here.

  • Yen Tu Mountain

    Yen Tu MountainYen Tu Mountain

    Known as Yen Tu Son in Chinese language, Yen Tu Mountain is regarded as the ancestral land of Vietnamese Buddhism. Many years ago, Yen Tu was also called Bach Van Son (White Cloud Mountain) for the beautiful cloud coverage around the mount.

    On the way to explore Yen Tu, the first attraction to be encountered is Giai Oan Spring (Justifying Spring) with a majestic green stone bridge connecting two sides. This bridge is 10 meters long, which was built firmly in an antique architecture. Legends said that when King Tran Nhan Tong decided to resign from his throne to become a monk, his wives and concubines tried to persuade him changing his mind by suiciding into the spring. Mourning for them, the monk king built a temple nearby and named the spring “Giai Oan”.

  • Tuan Chau Island

    Tuan Chau IslandTuan Chau Island

    Tuan Chau Island is absolutely a wonderful place that you must visit one time in your lifetime. Visiting Tuan Chau, you will have the opportunity to taste the finest Eastern and Western cuisine offered by the most accomplished chiefs from all over the globe. Adding up to the excitement, hundreds of clubs holding with dolphin, sea-calf circus and water music show are always ready to serve. Along the blue sea, there is also a great deal of coastal villas where you can enjoy your own cozy night or just simply to get a glimpse of the beautiful sea.

  • Co To Island

    Co To IslandCo To Island

    Co To is one of the most beautiful island in Ha Long Bay. After get inside this area, visitors will fall in love by emotions aromatic and fresh wild flowers. Whenever you realize this the pine tree forest filled with sea and fill your head with the peaceful scenery of Co To.

    With its tranquil scenery, during harvest time, you has turned a splendid orange yellow color. The ideal ecotourism tours at the forest of Co To island are another option to contemplate whenever its forest are another alternative to. In addition to, you also can rent a boat to discover the islands, go angling or fishing.

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