Amazing themed cafés to stop by in Taipei, Taiwan

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Amazing themed cafés to stop by in Taipei, Taiwan
There’s no denying that Taiwanese people love their food but in Taipei they take their obsession with mealtimes to another level. From eating food out of a mini-toilet to surrounding yourself in Hello Kitty kitsch, there’s a themed restaurant for everyone here in Taiwan’s capital.

  • Gudetama Chef

    Gudetama ChefGudetama Chef

    Yes, that’s right; a restaurant that is based on a depressed cartoon egg yolk. It’s hard to imagine how a place can be themed on something so ridiculously weird but this place actually does it quite well. The little egg yolk is everywhere. It’s on the walls, uniforms, plates, tables; you literally can’t move without a dozen pair of Gudetama eyes staring at you. The food is good too which is always a bonus at places like this.

  • Oia


    Set on the coast not too far from Qianshuiwan Coast Park, you’ll find the wonderfully quirky OIA Café. Now this place is worth visiting just for the location alone, but of course, that’s not why it’s on this list. This café is home to some very cute and very fluffy alpacas that customers can stroke and feed. The food is pretty good too but in all honesty who cares when you can sit staring at these adorable white alpacas while sipping your coffee.

  • P.S. BU BU

    P.S. BU BUP.S. BU BU

    Located in Shilin, this retro-themed café is a vintage lover’s dream. There are tons of old posters on the walls, and the place is filled with little oddities that make it a super interesting place to eat. But the most notable aspect of the décor is the fact that there are a few chopped up minis and even a VW Beetle in there! Ideal for lovers of all things retro.

  • Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining

    Hello Kitty Kitchen and DiningHello Kitty Kitchen and Dining

    There’s no prize for guessing what you’ll find at this restaurant. The owners of this place have tricked the entire building out in Hello Kitty merchandise, and it’s incredibly popular. To be fair though, regardless of your feelings towards Hello Kitty, it’s an undeniable fact that the mouthless cat is massive in Taiwan. They even have a few Hello Kitty planes here. However, this place is also popular because the desserts are delicious and perfect for your Instagram feed.

  • Alice Is Coming

    Alice Is ComingAlice Is Coming

    Ever wonder what it would be like to have tea with the Mad Hatter. While this café doesn’t quite go that far, the décor and fancy little cakes certainly take you into Wonderland. It’s a delightful little place that even has giant teacups for you to sit on while you enjoy cakes and treats stacked on cake stands just like in the movie.

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