The reasons why you should visit Okinawa, Japan

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The reasons why you should visit Okinawa, Japan
Okinawa in Japan has everything that Hawaii offers and more. From beautiful beaches to magical marvels and fabulous food to cultural charms, Okinawa has all to make a perfect vacation. Say ‘Ohayo’ instead of ‘Aloha’ for your next Hawaiian holiday.

Cheaper and closer to home, your kids and elders in the family will thank you for it. Here are other reasons why you must visit this beautiful city.
  • Wonderful weather all year

    Wonderful weather all yearWonderful weather all year

    Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the weather in Okinawa stays pleasant all year round. Temperatures in spring range from 25 to 30 degrees celsius, and winter weather is around 15 to 20 degrees celsius. Summer and autumn brings forth sunny skies and a little tropical rain. Without any dramatic weather changes, Okinawa’s warm climate is perfect for the little tots and seniors traveling with you during the holidays.

  • Beaches


    Okinawa beaches are known for its best features such as white sand, crystal clear water and coral reefs, and they can be enjoyed through the year under the subtropical climate with hot-warm temperature. There are hundreds of beaches on Okinawa Main Island and remote islands with a plenty of beach activities and the world-class beach resorts aside.

  • A romantic sailing experience in Okinawa

    A romantic sailing experience in OkinawaA romantic sailing experience in Okinawa

    Traveling with your one true love in Okinawa? Sail off to Ishigaki Island, and spend an unforgettable romantic evening with your partner. With this romantic escapade, you will get a magnificent view of the sunset from a yacht as well as go on a sailing escapade under the light of a thousand stars with your favorite drink in hand.

  • World of famous ice cream

    World of famous ice creamWorld of famous ice cream

    Move aside Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins. Okinawa has its own Blue Seal ice cream, made exclusively in Okinawa and only available on the island. This delicious dessert is not exported overseas, so the trade secret recipe stays in Okinawa.

    What’s so special about Blue Seal ice cream is the variety of flavours made from ingredients on the island. Favourite flavours are Ube made of Okinawa purple yams, Shiiguasa Sherbet made of 100% Okinawan shikwasa fruit, Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea made of Okinawa black tea with cream and many more. One slurp and you will be back for more!

  • A taste of America

    A taste of AmericaA taste of America

    Tourists, in Okinawa, can enjoy a small taste of America by swinging the Little America. Of course, Little America is loaded with delights that would remind you of America, such as taco restaurants, home-made apple pies, grilled cheese, and drive-thru Starbucks. Moreover, it is a host to dynamic nightspots and tattoo parlors with American-inspired names like Wall Street and Chicago.

  • Ishigaki Beef

    Ishigaki BeefIshigaki Beef

    How can one not have the beef when in Japan? You must try the Ishigaki Beef, which is native to Ishigaki and it is really good! It has good marbling and amount of fat, and gives a sweet aftertaste! Some even say it is the best type of Wagyu.

    Many of these Ishigaki beef are transported to other parts of Japan, so why not give it a try fresh while you are there. Pair this with a glass of Orion Beer – an Okinawan Beer, for the perfect dinner!

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