Top family friendly destinations in Japan

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Top family friendly destinations in Japan
Despite its reputation for crowds and manic city life, Japan is actually an incredibly family-friendly destination with something for everyone. Want to know where the best spots are for the young and the young-at-heart?

  • Odaiba District

    Odaiba DistrictOdaiba District

    A visit to Odaiba is like a visit to the future. First you jump on a monorail which glides you smoothly past weird futuristic skyscrapers and eerily unpopulated streets and then you alight at Miraikan, Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The building itself is out of this world and this is also the home of the famous Asimo the humanoid robot. Within the museum you will find Asimo who does plenty of shows daily demonstrating his abilities to talk, run and kick a ball.

  • Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

    Museum of Emerging Science and InnovationMuseum of Emerging Science and Innovation

    A second museum which is worth a family visit is the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo where children can get a chance to interact face-to-face with human-like robots. Just like its name, the museum focuses on innovative science and inventions which is, undoubtedly, packed with high-tech modern exhibitions and display.

    Upon entering the museum, visitors will be greeted with a huge digital globe entirely made of small high resolution screens with continuously changing display. The museum is divided into different sections based on its themes such as earth, art, and one popular theme like labs and robots where children get to see a performance made by the robot Asimo. Along these themes, visitors are to expect astonishing modern innovations combining the latest technology and science for astronomy, space and natural disasters among other things which will keep you and your little one amused for hours.

  • Disneyland


    Last but not least, a family trip to Japan will not be complete without a stop at the renowned amusement park, Disneyland. Japan has not one but two Disney theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. However, the latter has more challenging rides and would rather suit older visitors while Disneyland has more family-oriented attractions, so it is more suitable for younger kids.
    Besides the unquestionably amusing rides in Disneyland, kids will have the time of their life visiting Disney’s castle, meeting Disney characters and enjoying a fun-filled Disney parade. One parade not to miss is the Electrical Parade Dreamlights which showcases dazzling LED-lit floats with Aladdin, Cinderella, and other Disney characters.

  • Hanayashiki


    While Tokyo’s Disney Resort and Osaka’s Universal Studios may boast the titles of the biggest players on the amusement park scene, Hanayashiki has the impressive title of being Japan’s oldest. Located a short five-minute walk from Asakusa Station in central Tokyo, Hanayashiki has been taking up residence in the historical suburb since since 1853, when it originally opened as a flower park.

    A visit to Hanayashiki is a lesson in space utilization, with classic style rides weaving around each other packing in a lot of entertainment in a rather compact space. If you do not have the time to leave the city or you’re watching your budget, this is an ideal option as entry is 1,00 yen ($10USD) for adults and 500 yen ($5USD) for children.

  • Moominvalley


    Though it is only a little over an hour out of central Tokyo, hop on a train out to Moominvalley in Saitama prefecture and you will swear you have stepped into a whole new universe. Tucked into the mountainside of Saitama, this free and public park was built around the world of Moomins, fictional Swedish, hippopotamus-looking characters. Here you can explore Moomin houses, climb the playgrounds and explore the neighboring forests and rivers. If the weather is good, pack a picnic and head out for a wholesome day in the sun.

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