Visit Macau to admire incredible artworks

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Visit Macau to admire incredible artworks
Art may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Macau, but it is home to many artistic works. Often overlooked and easily missed amid the enormity of Macau’s casinos, with a little closer attention you can spot some real gems.

  • Tulips by Jeff Koons at Wynn Palace Macau

    Tulips by Jeff Koons at Wynn Palace MacauTulips by Jeff Koons at Wynn Palace Macau

    A new addition to Macau’s ever-growing collection of art is the sculpture by artist Jeff Koons, entitled “Tulips”. Koons is the sometimes controversial artist who has relied on pop culture and everyday objects for inspiration. This particular piece, weighing three tons and made of high-chromium stainless steel, glows in the east atrium of Wynn Palace, Macau.

    Koons created Tulips between 1995 and 2004 as part of his Celebration series, an examination of objects associated with childhood. The sculpture takes the form of brightly coloured balloons twisted into the shape of flowers. With “Tulips”, Koons invites adults to experience the wide-eyed wonderment of childhood and feel small again.

    ▶️ Wynn Palace Macau, Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau

  • Portuguese Tiled Murals of George Chinnery’s Macau

    Portuguese Tiled Murals of George Chinnery’s MacauPortuguese Tiled Murals of George Chinnery’s Macau

    George Chinnery was an English painter who spent most of his life living in Asia. He resided in Macau for 27 years and his paintings have become not only works of art, but important historical items for the research of Macau culture and social change.

    Visitors to Macau can see a row of works by George Chinnery, depicting what Macau looked like during the first half of the 19th century. For those eager to see places not covered in the Macau guidebooks, these Portuguese tiled murals can be spotted at the base of Cathedral Square and are one of Macau’s best hidden secrets.

    ▶️ Cathedral Square Macau

  • Ox Warehouse

    Ox WarehouseOx Warehouse

    Ox Warehouse was formerly known as the “Old Ladies’ House Art Space”. Notably founded in 2002, it has flourished as a private non-profit art association. They regularly organize exhibitions in various mediums including painting, sculpture, poster design, installation, sketching, and others to provide an experimental and exchange platform for local contemporary arts. Moreover, it offers workshops for adults and children in drawing, music, and other artistic activities. The Ox Warehouse highlights attractive historic architecture and is equipped with a small library, art information corner, CD corner and a cafe to spend quality time before continuing browsing.

    ▶️ 87, 97 Av. do Cel. Mesquita

  • Permanent Handshake at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park

    Permanent Handshake at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal ParkPermanent Handshake at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park

    This striking piece is the work of Chinese sculptor Lau Kuai Peng. Entitled “Permanent Handshake”, it’s said to symbolize the union of East and West and represent the friendship between Portugal and China. Macau was a Portuguese colony for over 400 years, until it was handed back to China in 1999. This powerful symbol of Macau’s unique history is located at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park on the Northern tip of Macau, not far from the Macau S.A.R.’s border with China.

    ▶️ Avenida do Comendador Ho Yin

  • Tap Seac Gallery

    Tap Seac GalleryTap Seac Gallery

    Established to further public appreciation for the arts in Macau, The Tap Seac Gallery has become one of the destinations for art lovers since 2015. Not only does it host a number of visual arts exhibitions and cultural events, The Tap Seac Gallery itself is also a one of the most distinctive historic buildings in the area with a European and neo-classical flair – definitely worth checking out.

    ▶️ 95 Avenida Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida

  • Works by Salvador Dali at MGM Macau

    Works by Salvador Dali at MGM MacauWorks by Salvador Dali at MGM Macau

    Two of the Spanish artist’s most recognizable and revered sculpted works are on permanent display at the MGM Macau. The beautiful Alice in Wonderland sculpture welcomes visitors to the hotel. It’s believed Dali was greatly inspired by the work of writer Lewis Caroll, in particular the surreal tale of Alice in Wonderland, and for this sculpture, the artist has re-imagined Alice as an adolescent girl with bare breasts.

    The second sculpture, Dalian Dancer is in the hotel lobby. The bronze sculpture, one of several cast from an original using a process called lost wax, sits under the Fiori di Paradiso ceiling, a hanging sculpture of hand-blown glass flowers by American artist Dale Chihuly.

    ▶️ MGM Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau

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