Explore the best coffee shops in Macau

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Explore the best coffee shops in Macau
From neighbourhood “char chaan teng” that are still popular to this day, to modern coffee shops popping up all over Macau, there is no denying that coffee brings people together. The world loves coffee and Macau is no different! Here are the best spots in the city to get caffeinated and also catch up with your buddies.

  • Blooom Coffee House

    Blooom Coffee HouseBlooom Coffee House

    When talking about popular cafes in Macau, you cannot miss Blooom Coffee House. Roasting coffee beans locally to ensure quality and freshness, they serve the tastiest coffee. You can also find a full range of freshly roasted coffee beans at the café, it is one of our absolute favourites, and it looks cute too.

  • Quarter Square

    Quarter SquareQuarter Square

    For something a little bit different, head to this stylish three floor coffee bar in Taipa. Run by a Parson School of Design graduate from New York City, it is one of the coolest hangouts in town, not only because it serves great coffee, with an espresso bar on the ground floor, but it is also, in part, a gallery or showroom showcasing a selection of national and international contemporary design. The eggnog latte is a must and there is no better place to chat with friends over coffee than on their beautiful rooftop terrace. What’s more, the owner’s French bulldog, Copper, is adorable and likes to greet customers on arrival.

  • Lamgo Coffee & Roasting

    Lamgo Coffee & RoastingLamgo Coffee & Roasting

    A small coffee corner in the same Taipa Village square as Quarter Square, Lamgo Coffee does not have much to offer except for outstanding siphon and espresso coffee. Siphon coffee dates back to 1800s and some people describe it as the most theatrical. When this method was invented, coffee aficionados believed that boiling kills the taste, so they started experimenting with pressure, temperature and glass bowls. As a result, a vacuum coffee maker was born and it is still used today.

    There is no sitting area inside, but with the cozy and quiet Largo Maia de Magalhaes right outside it is not a deal breaker. The walls of the small coffee shop are covered with various certificates of coffee craft proving the exceptional skills of Lamgo baristas. Not that you would need that extra proof after tasting their coffee. Lamgo’s house blend is Arabica with a hint of acidity, a bit sweet and bitter. Exiting the coffee shop, check out the gigantic mesmerizing vacuum coffee makers, a true museum-worthy exhibit.

  • Cafe Panorama

    Cafe PanoramaCafe Panorama

    Set in the beautiful grounds of the Grand Coloane Resort, Cafe Panorama serves both buffet and à la carte options with an array of local, regional, and international specialties. They have recently introduced a new menu that features a delicious African chicken (considered one of Macau’s national dishes) which is a must try. Moreover, they offer both indoor and outdoor dining with an al fresco patio, which features a large, open fireplace that keeps diners warm when the temperatures cool off.

  • Single Origin

    Single OriginSingle Origin

    If you really want to get to know a city, you should never be afraid to explore its backstreets. And when a town’s smaller thoroughfares are hiding cafés like Single Origin, there is every reason to venture off the beaten path. What this café lacks in size it more than makes up for in charm, with a sunlight-filled space that serves up some of the best brews in town, including one of the finest iced Americanos in Macau.

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