Explore the most beautiful destinations in Nepal

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Explore the most beautiful destinations in Nepal
Known as a home of the Himalayan mountain range and the birthplace of the Buddha, Nepal is a top destination for many people.

Situated along the Himalayan mountain range between China and India, Nepal is truly a diverse landscape with the unique culture and amazing sceneries. Here are the most beautiful destinations in the country.
  • Lumbini


    The crazy modern life seems never touch Lumbini. This town always remains the perfectly peaceful atmosphere over the years. As being home to the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, in 563 BC, as well as some of the country’s most important archeological finds that date back to the third century BC, Lumbini deserves its title of the most historical place in Nepal.

    The city is so famous for its peaceful monasteries in the wooded park, green gardens, and unique architecture. A newly designed religious park is a long-time work in progress meant to revitalize the often-forgotten city.

  • Sarangkot


    A trip to Nepal is incomplete without watching the sunrise at Sarangkot, a village located at 1600 metres above sea level. It has a viewpoint that offers picture-perfect views over the city of Pokhara and Phewa Lake, and the Annapurna, Manaslu, Machhapuchhare, Dhaulagiri and Lamjung mountains that lie on all its sides. Good news for adrenaline junkies - paragliding opportunities are also available here!

  • Pokhara


    Pokhara was one of the few towns that was virtually untouched by the 2015 earthquake. Situated on the shoreline of a peaceful Lake Phewa, the city is embedded with beautiful natural scenery, like the dramatic, snow-capped Annapurna Massif and the surrounding mountain range. Pokhara is known as a popular site for adventure sports like paragliding and other fun activities like paddle boating on the calm lake water.

  • Chitwan


    Chitwan is home to one of Nepal’s most-visited sites, Chitwan National Park. In case you are so tired of the frozen snow back home, this is an ideal place to enjoy the warm weather which remains throughout the year. As the largest wildlife park of Nepal, Chitwan surely offers nature-lovers the most authentic and exotic experiences.

    There is a bunch of activities waiting for you to experience, from jungle trekking, wildlife safari discovering, to boating on the river and touring of indigenous Tharu villages. The flora and fauna are extremely diversified, and there is a high chance to meet very rare animal species like rhino, Bengal tiger, deer, etc.

  • Barun Valley

    Barun ValleyBarun Valley

    If you are in Barun Valley, you will see vast green meadows covered with flowers in a horde of colours on the one hand, while on the other, you will find mighty snow-dusted mountain peaks with numerous waterfalls. The place is so stunning, it will leave you spellbound and make you feel like you are in paradise! Barun Valley even holds significance in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and has a National Park containing a diverse array of wildlife. The area around the incredible alley does not have any human habitation and is only visited by the few trekkers.

  • Gosaikunda


    Gosaikunda is an alpine freshwater lake located in Langtang National Park, at the height of 4,380 m. in Rasua District, Nepal. The lake has an area of 34 acres. The area near Gosaikunda has 108 big and small lakes and falls under the Ramsar Site, an International wetland conservation initiative. The holy lake is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.

    The lake freezes for six months in winter. Gosaikunda holds religious importance to Hindus. The lake falls under the Langtang Trek route. Langtang Valley also adjourns on the Gosaikinda trek.

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