Top 7 art galleries in Nepal

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Top 7 art galleries in Nepal
While Nepal is full of artists who create (and sell) traditional, religious-themed art, there is also no shortage of more contemporary art spaces, especially in Kathmandu. Here are the best art galleries to get to know the art scene in Nepal.

  • Artudio Centre for Visual Art

    Artudio Centre for Visual ArtArtudio Centre for Visual Art

    This gallery provides a contemporary art platform for art enthusiasts. The celebrated contemporary artist Kailash Shrestha started it. The community of artists here considers art to be 'dharma' and believe in coexistence. People here are artists, art educators, designers, visual communicators, initiators, curators and makers.

    Founded in 2010, the gallery provides a space for art lovers from various genres to explore art and creativity, thereby fostering social transformation. Artudio houses a studio, an art platform, an art centre, a studio apartment and a gallery. It has even played a leading role in imparting visual art education by holding various workshops on drawing, photography, printmaking, painting and other forms of multimedia. The most famous are Art Saturday and Little Picasso.

  • Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

    Nepal Academy of Fine ArtsNepal Academy of Fine Arts

    Centrally located in Kathmandu, the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts is housed in a grand old palatial building that reflects its slightly institutional feel. But, that aside, this is an essential stop on the Kathmandu art circuit. Aside from exhibiting Nepali and international artists, the Academy conducts research and publishes books (in Nepali and English) on numerous aspects of Nepali art and promotes traditional art forms throughout Nepal.

  • Sarwanam Art Gallery

    Sarwanam Art GallerySarwanam Art Gallery

    The Sarwanam group has served as a melting pot for different art forms in Nepal, basically performing arts and theatre. The esteemed playwright Ashesh Malla started the renowned theatre space in 1982. The Sarwanam Art Gallery is considered to be an offspring of the Sarwanam theatre group. Also known as 'kaladeergha', this spacious art gallery sprawls over an area of the 30-metre square and features art pieces of talented artists from all genres. Here, you will also be allowed to see the artists at work and ask them questions about the art pieces.

  • Siddhartha Art Gallery

    Siddhartha Art GallerySiddhartha Art Gallery

    Located in the gorgeous Baber Mahal Revisited complex, the Siddhartha Art Gallery is a good place to drop by before or after enjoying a delicious meal and shopping for high-quality jewellery, clothing or antiques. The gallery has been operational since 1987 but has been in its current, three-floor space since 1997. Exhibitions rotate frequently and showcase both local and international artists who have some connection to Nepal. Lectures and workshops are often held here. The Siddhartha Art Gallery is definitely a place to prioritize while visiting Kathmandu.

  • Himalayan Art Gallery

    Himalayan Art GalleryHimalayan Art Gallery

    This art gallery is a small beautiful world full of Himalayan art and artefacts. About three decades old, this gallery is located in the heart of Kathmandu. It primarily houses amazing antiques from Tibet. People who are into collecting quaint artworks from different places will find this gallery to be a heaven. The rare artefacts from Tibet and Himalayas have been preserved here with a lot of care. Moreover, special assistance is even provided to the customers in making the right choice. The owner guarantees the quality and authenticity of these ancient pieces.

  • Bikalpa Art Centre

    Bikalpa Art CentreBikalpa Art Centre

    Bikalpa Art Centre’s aim is to fortify local forms of art and utilize them to inspire art lovers and practitioners. At this centre, tucked down a quiet lane off busy Pulchowk Road, visitors will find a small art space as well as a garden cafe, bar, co-working space and venue for live music, film screenings, craft markets and more. Lots of events take place at BAC, so check ahead to see what’s on when you are in Patan.

  • 21st Century Art Gallery

    21st Century Art Gallery21st Century Art Gallery

    This attraction point was established in the year 2000 due to the sincere and coordinated efforts of Manoj Kumar Shrestha and Pramod Kumar Shrestha. Another blessed artist Gunjan Shrestha joined them in 2003. This gallery has a range of exquisite paintings created by the founders. The gallery has never failed to see an expression of wonder on its visitors' faces.

    The fantastic pieces here are created and curated by the three founders. There is a wide range of paintings including abstracts, cities, mountains and semi-abstracts. The gallery is a must in case you are in Thamel. You will be left in complete awe of the beautiful pieces here.

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