Drop by the best galleries in Nepal

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Drop by the best galleries in Nepal
While Nepal is full of artists who create traditional and religious-themed art, there is also no shortage of more contemporary art spaces, especially in Kathmandu. Here are the list of the best art galleries to get to know the art scene in Nepal.

  • Siddhartha Art Gallery

    Siddhartha Art GallerySiddhartha Art Gallery

    This art gallery was established by Sangeeta Thapa and Shashikala Tiwari, on 27th September 1987 as a convergence point for artists from Nepal and abroad. The Siddhartha Art Gallery has played an instrumental role in bringing overseas artistic ideas to Nepal, and in particular, Kathmandu. It has also acted as the promoter of contemporary Nepalese art in Kathmandu.

    With the belief that culture is an inalienable part of the development at its core, this gallery has always strived to bring together artists, poets and musicians. 'Investing in creativity' is the gallery's motto. It has even made generous donations for the Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund, renovation of the Krishna Mandir in Patan and for the construction of the Maternity Ward for Underprivileged Mothers in Prasuti Griha Hospital.

  • Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

    Nepal Academy of Fine ArtsNepal Academy of Fine Arts

    Centrally located in Kathmandu, the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts is housed in a grand old palatial building that reflects its slightly institutional feel. But, that aside, this is an essential stop on the Kathmandu art circuit. Aside from exhibiting Nepali and international artists, the Academy conducts research and publishes books (in Nepali and English) on numerous aspects of Nepali art and promotes traditional art forms throughout Nepal.

  • Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre

    Kathmandu Contemporary Arts CentreKathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre

    The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre is a UK charity, housed on the grounds of the excellent Patan Museum. They hold exhibitions, workshops and symposia, and provide funding for selected emerging Nepali artists. They also hold a library of over 5,000 art references, the largest of its kind in Nepal, which consists of gifts from the Tate Britain and elsewhere.

  • Artudio Centre for Visual Art

    Artudio Centre for Visual ArtArtudio Centre for Visual Art

    Artudio Centre for Visual Arts is an innovative arts project that uses the streets of Kathmandu as its canvas and inspiration with the aim of reclaiming public spaces as open galleries. Artudio has created several street art murals in locations across the city, including an anti-violence against women inspired artwork in Ratna Park and a mural celebrating Global Handwashing Day on the walls of Tri Chandra College.

    Art lovers wanting to escape the confines of indoor galleries can discover these pieces as they explore Kathmandu. Based in the quiet residential area of Lazimpat in Kathmandu, the Artudio Centre itself hosts regular short photography workshops that anyone with a keen interest in photography and a good camera can take part in. Artudio also hosts photography meet-ups in public spaces, where participants can practice their photography skills while capturing unique images of the capital.

  • Universal Art Gallery

    Universal Art GalleryUniversal Art Gallery

    This magnificent art gallery has a vast collection of landscape paintings, portraits, heritage and street paintings, water colour paintings, abstract paintings and Nepali handicraft. It was founded in 1989 and has since then worked tirelessly towards satisfying the expectations of art lovers and art enthusiasts.

    The gallery even holds the distinction of being one of the oldest Thangka Gallery of Thamel in Kathmandu. All the paintings here are handmade, strictly observing the traditional guidelines of Thangka paintings. The owner, Bikash Shahi, is also a renowned businessman of Thamel and endeavours to provide the best services to his customers.

  • Sarwanam Art Gallery

    Sarwanam Art GallerySarwanam Art Gallery

    Sarwanam Art Gallery is an offshoot of the Sarwanam Theatre Group, which was established in 1982 by renowned playwright Ashesh Malla and pioneered political street theatre in Nepal. The spacious 30-square-meter art gallery, or kaladeergha, provides an interactive experience for visitors with each exhibition featuring a ‘meet the artist’ segment.

    The gallery has shown the works of emerging Nepalese artists Bidhata KC and Saran Tandukar, and collaborated with Sarwanam Theatre on a project merging art and drama in which acclaimed abstract artist Mukesh Malla created a painting on stage as the play Mrityutsav was unfolding, expressing themes of the drama.

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