What to do in Nantou, Taiwan

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What to do in Nantou, Taiwan
Nantou is located in the center of Taiwan, and it has abundant greenery. From the mountains to the forests, Nantou will certainly amaze visitors who want to admire the beauty of nature. The history and culture are also well-preserved, and you can see it when you explore Taiwan Times Village.

Without a doubt, a journey through the heart of the country is sure to be an adventurous experience. These are the top six places you should check out if you are in Nantou.
  • Carp Lake

    Carp LakeCarp Lake

    Carp Lake is a very scenic tourist spot, and although it may be located near the outskirts of the township, there is plenty to see and do here. It is an especially good spot if you like outdoors activities since you can go boating, camping, picnicking and hiking. The shoreline is fairly well developed, so do not go expecting beautiful natural scenery. However, that development means that there is a good choice of restaurants and hotels immediately around the water.

  • Qingjing Farm

    Qingjing FarmQingjing Farm

    Tourist or “Leisure” Farms are extremely popular among locals, especially families, in Taiwan, and Qingjing is probably the most famous of them all. Essentially, these are places where city folk go to get a taste of rural and farm life.

    Qingjing Farm’s fame owes mainly to its gorgeous surroundings, with rolling green fields perched atop mountains at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level, with gorgeous peaks on the horizon in all directions. Also, it is one of Taiwan’s oldest, first established in 1961 for demobilized soldiers in the Taiwan army.

  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture VillageFormosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is a fun and informative way to learn about the early cultures of Taiwan. You will be enthralled with the range of shows specially performed by the Yamei, Puwan and Yen tribes. Dinner is also served and you can taste authentic dishes exquisitely prepared by master chefs from these tribes.

  • Zinan Temple

    Zinan TempleZinan Temple

    Dedicated to the Earth God, the carnivalesque Zinan Temple celebrates entrepreneurship and is perpetually busy, as is the marketplace that has grown around it. The temple teems with fortune-tellers and vendors of charms and votive offerings. There is a bizarre chicken statue with a hole that believers are supposed to pass through (front to end) for good fortune. There is another (bronze) chicken you can pet for luck, beak for wealth, breast for peace and prosperity, wings for a good spouse.

  • Houtanjing Sky Bridge

    Houtanjing Sky BridgeHoutanjing Sky Bridge

    You will definitely fall in love with nature even more at the 669 foot-long (204 meter) Houtanjing Sky Bridge. It has 265 steps, and it offers marvelous views of the valley, lush forests, and the Changhua plain. If the weather is fine, you may also have a chance to see Yunlin’s Xiluo Bridge. LED lights are switched on at night, making the bridge look more fascinating than ever.

  • Taiwan Times Village

    Taiwan Times VillageTaiwan Times Village

    Relive the country’s old days on your visit to Taiwan Times Village in Zhongzheng Road. The buildings, alleys, and streets replicate Taiwan’s past perfectly, and there are also men dressed as KMT soldiers guarding the gate. Feel free to take pictures of the impressive replicas and do not forget to visit the stores selling vintage items. Another highlight is the wooden train station, which looks very realistic. It has tracks, ticket booths, and a locomotive. If you are hungry, then head to one of the many restaurants for a bite of traditional dishes.

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