Do not miss these specialties of Hai Phong

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Do not miss these specialties of Hai Phong
Hai Phong is famous for the red color of the phoenix flower. However, when talking about Hai Phong, we have to refer the rich cuisine of this land. Coming to Hai Phong, visitors will enter the world of delicious and stranger dishes.

  • Banh Da Cua

    Banh Da CuaBanh Da Cua

    Banh Da Cua is one of the most famous specialties in Hai Phong and one of the dishes making the brand of Hai Phong cuisine. The noodle has a unique brown color and a bit tough so it is not easy to soft in a long time.

    Banh Da Cua has 2 types including dried and soup which are different from each other by adding the broth or not. This dish is served with many kinds of topping such as crab meat or mantis shrimp.

  • River Shrimp Salad Spinach

    River Shrimp Salad SpinachRiver Shrimp Salad Spinach

    Spinach is available year round and it is not difficult to find material for this dish. The most important thing in the salad is the harmonious combination of spices and mouth so that it is attractive from the flavor dishes. When you eat, you will feel full of sour, spicy, salty, sweet and crunchy taste on it.

  • Banh Mi Cay (Spicy Bread)

    Banh Mi Cay (Spicy Bread)Banh Mi Cay (Spicy Bread)

    Hai Phong Spicy Bread is also famous. Coming to Hai Phong, you have to enjoy the spicy bread and buy it as gift for your family and friends.

    In Hai Phong city, there are many places selling the spicy bread. The difference among the places is not much, mainly in the pate making process. After grilling, the seller will put pate into the bread and Ruoc ca (in some places) and then the bread will be dipped with chili sauce. This sauce has a unique flavor that you cannot find in other places.

  • Thach Gang (Jelly)

    Thach Gang (Jelly)Thach Gang (Jelly)

    To people in Hai Phong, Thach Gang is the dish attached to their childhoods. The pieces of jelly are soft and have an eye-catching green color. They are served with sugar sauce. After enjoying many dishes, surely you need a cup of Thach gang. When ordering, you can choose any pearl jelly or topping you want.

  • Gia Be Xao

    Gia Be XaoGia Be Xao

    Gia Be Xao, a stranger name, makes people curious and want to try it once. Actually, Gia Be Xao is not a luxury dish but you should try if you have the opportunity of coming to Hai Phong. This dish is quite popular and often sold in the local markets.

    Gia Be looks like the small oyter. When splitted, the inside looks like the bean sprout so maybe thanks to it, this is called Gia be. Gia be xao which is crispy with the flavor of sauce and the aroma of basil is surely an unforgettable experience.

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