Enjoy the poetic beauty of Hue at night

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Enjoy the poetic beauty of Hue at night
Hue City, an ancient capital of Viet Nam, welcomes a number of visitors every day who are interested in a mix of the new and the old. Along with many cool activities to enjoy in the daytime, the nightlight in Hue City may be really joyful and charming.

Whether it is a peaceful promenade along the banks of the Perfume River or a comfortable moment of drinking coffee, nights out in Hue are always loads of fun and joy. If you are wondering what to do in Hue at night, then get inspired by some following incredible activities.
  • Getting around Hue by cyclo

    Getting around Hue by cycloGetting around Hue by cyclo

    A mean of transport that many tourists love to try in Hue that is cyclo. Watching streets, citadels, the river, s and the quiet gardens at night on a cyclo is definitely a must-do. Especially, the light illuminates the leaves and create white spots shimmering on the streets, making the streets fairytale- like places.

    You can stop by the place you like to take a photo or have a cup of tea. And cyclo drivers in Hue are just like true tour guides. They speak English, some even know French, and they know so much about the history of the temples. They even know how to recite poetry. So do not miss the opportunity to chat with cyclo drivers to hear the extremely interesting story.

  • Wandering on Trang Tien Bridge

    Wandering on Trang Tien BridgeWandering on Trang Tien Bridge

    Night time is the best to view Trang Tien Bridge - a cultural and historical spot in Hue. Trang Tien Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in this little city. The bridge has become an icon printed on postcards for tourists. Get a view of Trang Tien at night to see how peaceful and gorgeous this bridge is. You will be sure in a great fun while wandering around the river banks to observe the local lives.

  • Visit Hue Citadel at night

    Visit Hue Citadel at nightVisit Hue Citadel at night

    Have you ever think of visiting Hue Citadel at night? A really unique thing to do. Let try it, I bet you will get an incredible feeling that can’t be found anywhere else.
    The points that are opened at night from the Ngo Mon Gate to Thai Hoa Palace include The Mieu Temple – Dien Tho Palace – Truong Sanh Palace – Tu Phuong Vo Su – Hoa Binh Door. Along with the opening at night, beholding the Citadel at night is so mysterious that is completely different from the day.

    In addition, many new services are introduced to visitors, such as: “Hue Citadel Night” with royal cultural activities on Doan Thi Diem Street, An Dinh Palace, Hien Lam Cac (The Citadel) has an interpretation center for royal worship.

  • Listen to Hue traditional music on the Perfume River

    Listen to Hue traditional music on the Perfume RiverListen to Hue traditional music on the Perfume River

    The truth is that when the night covers, Hue usually brings a nostalgic feeling. Especially, if you visit the city on a rainy night, it is possible that you can feel sadder than normal. And the best way to soothe the deep melancholy of your soul is to listen to traditional Hue music on a dragon boat floating at the Perfume River. This unique form of art activity has truly been preserved and developed over hundreds of years.

    Although the performance just takes place over an hour, the deep singing verses and the smooth tunes of traditional music help you understand more about Hue people’s cultural life. Furthermore, after enjoying these folk songs, you may also partake in dropping lights on the River to pray for great prosperity, good health, and best luck.

  • Walk around the night walking streets

    Walk around the night walking streetsWalk around the night walking streets

    There are a number of streets lining with bars, clubs and souvenirs shops in Hue. It makes this used-to-be boring city becomes more energetic and active.
    Every night, the city streets pulse with an intermixing of tourists and locals inspired by the lights, sounds and tastes of the night. To start a nightlife journey in Hue, Nguyen Dinh Chieu street and Pham Ngu Lao street should be the good choices. You can easily find many friendly budget souvenirs and bars or clubs on these street.

    Currently, Hue has become a healthy mix of different venues suitable for both domestic and foreign visitors so you shouldn’t miss chance to check it out.

  • Have a cup of coffee while sightseeing Perfume River

    Have a cup of coffee while sightseeing Perfume RiverHave a cup of coffee while sightseeing Perfume River

    Another popular zone for observation and relaxation is to stop by a sidewalk café. There are lots of the streets lined with vendors selling juices, coffee, and beverage. Simply sipping a cup of coffee, visitors can immerse themselves in the real life of the local people and experience the lively ambiance of the ancient capital. The view of the poetic Perfume River at night can calm your mind.

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