Experience a cool summer in Quy Nhon

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Experience a cool summer in Quy Nhon
A large, prosperous coastal city, Quy Nhon boasts a terrific beach-blessed shoreline and grand boulevards. Its seaside appeal and tidy, litter-free streets make it the kind of place that affluent Vietnamese couples choose to retire to, spending their final days ocean-gazing and promenade-walking.

  • Hike near Eo Gio Beach

    Hike near Eo Gio BeachHike near Eo Gio Beach

    The most stunning hiking trail in Quy Nhon is hands down Eo Gio. The view from the top of the trail, reveals Eo Gio, a marvelous and colorful landscape picture. You can clearly observe the strong wind flowing, the sandy beach waving, the green meadows winking, and the grazing goats jogging.

  • Indulge yourself in paradise beaches

    Indulge yourself in paradise beachesIndulge yourself in paradise beaches

    Quy Nhon beaches hold all the attractive features of tropical beaches, such as golden sand, crystal blue water and green palms. If visitors do not mind travelling a bit further from the city to beaches in the villages around Quy Nhon, the rewards will be much more worthy. Only 10km south of the city, Bai Xep Beach is often regarded as a beach paradise.

    You will be probably the only foreign tourist around. Don't forget to indulge yourself in the fresh, beautiful and clean beach while curiously observe local fishermen fixing their nets, mending their boats and villagers doing their daily routines.

  • Collect seafood and go camping on Ky Co Beach

    Collect seafood and go camping on Ky Co BeachCollect seafood and go camping on Ky Co Beach

    Are you traveling with a group of friends? If so, Ky Co beach, which is 25 kilometers away from the city, has tons of fun waiting for you. After submerging in the deep blue sea, you can take a dip near the cliffs to catch sea cucumbers, shells, snails, etc. or whatever you want. At night, apart from cooking seafood, you and your friends can sing and dance under the blue sky.

  • Visit Bau Da Liquor Village

    Visit Bau Da Liquor VillageVisit Bau Da Liquor Village

    Bau Da is one of the best liquors in Vietnam. The special thing about Bau Da alcohol is the water. It comes from one village and you cannot find it anywhere else. Since this alcohol is cooked for six hours with a high concentration, it could be up to 50 percent once it is done.

    Binh Dinh is a martial-art land, so it is not strange that its alcohol also recalls the “martial-art spirit.” Although this alcohol is really strong, it does not make your head throb in the morning. Having some pig’s ear (tre) while sipping a cup of Bau Da alcohol will certainly make your day memorable.

  • Enjoy delicious seafood

    Enjoy delicious seafoodEnjoy delicious seafood

    Enthusiastic eaters absolutely cannot miss Quy Nhon in the cuisine map of Viet Nam. While a variety of local street-food dishes, such as prawn noodle, fish noodle, rice cake, etc. will surprisingly bring you great pleasure, many Vietnamese people often think of Binh Dinh as the home to the freshest seafood in the country. Thanks to its advantage of a beach city, Quy Nhon can offer you the freshest and the most delicious seafood at the most reasonable price you have ever heard.

  • Sit in a bar by the beach

    Sit in a bar by the beachSit in a bar by the beach

    This bar is an ideal example of “love at first sight.” It has an ideal location where you can easily see, feel, and play with the sea anytime you want. This bar has various drinks with reasonable prices, so even if you are not an alcohol fan, you can still enjoy it here.

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